4 Red Lipsticks For The French Girl Look

The red lip is associated with the French girl’s style. The chic swipe of crimson epitomizes Parisian beauty. Red pairs well with almost anything—a well-loved white tee, an oversized blazer, vintage jeans, and more. Although many trends may be fleeting, it remains a classic statement look since the suffragettes popularized it. It’s an empowering symbol.

And it’s here to stay. If you can’t resist the allure of a crimson pout, we’re breaking down how the Parisians pull off the red-lip look!

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Finding The Perfect Red Lip


Consider your skin’s undertone if you want to rock the best red lipstick around. You need to gauge whether you lean warm, cool, or neutral. Red lipsticks are split into true red, blue-tone red, and orange-tone red. Ergo, get a red that is the same undertone as your skin.

If you’re cool, cool-toned reds would work better on you. For warm-toned people, yellow-based tones suit you better. It’s better to experiment to figure out what best works for you.

Finish and Formula

Find a finish that you’re most comfortable with! Glossy, matte, sheer, cream and liquid all exist. A glossy finish makes the lips look full and juicy. Meanwhile, matte is rich in pigment and so on.

Lancome L’Absolut Rouge in 118

France is no stranger to big cosmetic names. After all, it has produced Caudalie and La Roche Posay. The Lancome L’Absolut Rouge in 118 has been around since the 1930s, and it is no stranger to its French origins. The lipstick’s packaging is adorable, with a rose and a click.

Mac Ruby Woo

Mac’s Ruby Woo is a classic. It’s hard to talk about red lipstick without automatically thinking or mentioning the classic lipstick. The formula is waxy, opaque and matte. It has also been a classic and forever go-to for makeup artist kits—the shade flatters almost everyone, from Rihanna, and Taylor Swift to Tracee Ellis Ross. As a result, it is universally considered to be the one true red lipstick. It is widely loved, known, and used to the point some men know about it. Taylor Swift is alleged to have worn the lipstick.

The everyday use of red lipstick is why it is so famous. It’s easy to clock i from across the room. However, the debate remains whether Ruby Woo or Russian Red is the true, classic red shade.

Nars Dragon Girl

Taylor Swift is also another person you cannot avoid mentioning while talking about red lipstick. Although she has been rumored to wear Ruby Woo, she has worn this shade. During the 2014 Met Gala, she was photographed wearing it. For fair skin tones, you should try it out!

Maybelline SuperStay in Exhilirator

Drugstore makeup fans, rejoice! The drugstore also has plenty to offer in steals. This drugstore gem is a highly saturated, long-lasting lip color with a matte finish. Dimethicone, trimethylsiloxysilicate, and isododecane are lip colour’s main ingredients. The liquid lipstick lasts up to sixteen (16) hours of wear.

We love that it has a precise applicator and easy-to-glide formula, making it easy to swap and slide.

Wrapping Up

We’ve rounded up the red lipsticks. Many shades are available on the market. However, what may be the best lipstick for you is subjective. Make sure to do your research about your undertone, too. Now go cop that lipstick and put on your best pout!

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