Curvy Women’s Guide to Choosing Swimsuits

Every curvy woman will agree that finding a swimsuit that flatters their body shape is challenging. When shopping for a comfortable and flattering swimsuit, such women need to consider several points. Every plus-sized body is different. You need to find one made from high-quality material that makes you feel your best. It’s best to look for a curvy bathing suit that’s made from 100 per cent recycled nylon and provides great bust support. Here are some helpful tips to be mindful of when purchasing a swimsuit for yourself.

Find the Ideal Fit and Swimsuit Type

Its important to first find the fit of the swimsuit that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Some curvy ladies feel good in a one-piece, while others like a bikini. There are also some who love a plus-size tankini. Before you start exploring the bathing suit’s colour and design, reflect on the kind of swimwear that you are sure will look great on your body. If you are doubtful, try on the various styles of a curvy bathing suit like high waist and high leg swim pants, bikini top, underwire one-piece, and swim dress. If you’re conscious about your upper body or shoulders, you can explore long-sleeve tops or short-sleeved sun-safe tops. 

Choose a colour 

After deciding on a swimsuit style, the next step is to assess its overall look. Determine a colour that flatters your body’s skin tone. Opt for a multicolour swimsuit that accentuates your body shape if you desire visual variety. If you are more inclined toward solid colours but still want something attractive, go for a different coloured top and bottom. Darker coloured swimsuits with streamlined designs will work the best for those who prefer a traditional look.

Explore Swimwear with Prints and Patterns

Curvy ladies should use prints to their advantage. For instance, a bathing suit having a gathering of material on its sides accentuates the natural curves of the body. If you desire to make your torso appear longer, you can explore swimsuits with patterns and designs etched on their middle part. You can benefit from single-piece swimsuits with patterns like stripes, florals, and polka dots. Such designs in vibrant colours will make you look and feel stunning at the beach.

Pay Attention to Your Body Type

Paying attention to your body type will allow you to choose a swimsuit that perfectly compliments your specific body shape. Those who desire to give the illusion of a larger bust can opt for swimsuits with ruffled tops. Women who have bigger chests should look into a swimsuit style that has thicker straps. Thick straps in a swimsuit top provide the needed support and, in turn, enable you to feel confident at the beach. Do you want your swimsuit to accentuate your legs? If so, then opt for high-waist bottoms. 

Look for Belted Swimsuits

Another great option for curvy ladies is a belted swimsuit. This swimsuit type creates a true hourglass figure. Belted swimwear is fast gaining popularity as it flatters the body of countless plus-size women. Such swimwear gives a vintage look. But it’s essential to look for support in them. Choose a belted swimsuit that has underwiring in the cups. Also, consider adjustable straps. Additionally, you can look for a single colour in this type of swimwear.

Your swimsuit shopping experience won’t seem like a nightmare once you implement these tips. Pay close attention to the fit of this item and buy the ones that match your body type. You’ll not regret your purchase.