Everything You Need To Know About Weaves

Weaves are a great option for safeguarding your natural hair or just for some fun timings because they play a good role in protecting your hair by avoiding high temperatures and using other skin products.

So if you are an entirely new person who does not know even a single word about the weaves or someone looking to understand weaves better, then this article is for you. Here, you will know what the weaves are, their types, some brands for buying them, and in short every important thing related to the weaves.

  • What do you mean by Weaves?

Weaves are an extension of natural or synthetic hair attached to the head with the help of sewing, clipping, or glue. It was discovered in Egypt in 3400 BC when the Egyptians dyed the human hair or sheep wool and then attached them to their hair.

Nowadays, weaves have become a popular hair extension among women of different genres. And it would be good if you kept in mind that it is not like a wig that covers the whole head. Instead, it’s glued or sewed in your head and lasts for a few weeks.

  • Why should I get a weave?

Well, it all depends upon the style you follow and your preferences. 

But from our point of view, weaves are a great way to add length to your natural hair and thus maximize the beauty of your hair. It also allows your hair to grow peacefully, following its palliative phase, and then ultimately grow with a denser quantity.

  • What is the best type of weave?

It may be not very clear for you to choose the best type of weave because it depends upon several factors, such as: 

  • For how long do you want to get the weave?
  • How much length do you want?
  • What is your expected thickness of the weave?

So after answering the above questions, you will quickly know which type of weave suits you. Besides this, there are four types of weaves which are given below:

  • Strand by strand.
  • Sewing.
  • Fusion.
  • Interlocking. 

Despite these factors and types, the overall best type of weave is known to be the one you get through sewing. This is because it works well enough for most hair types. 

However, the gluing method may cause you balding. Although the chances are significantly less still, there is the risk of balding.

4. Do I select synthetic or human hair for getting my weave?

Virgin human hair, that is, the hair donated by a human, is always suggested for getting better and outclass looks. Because they can easily match the tone and texture of your natural hair and thus give you a more charming look, however, you can also iron them without the fear of being melted. In the same way, you can restyle the virgin human hair in multiple ways without creating many tangles.

As for synthetic hair, it is not that easy to restyle once it gets distracted. And they can’t even bear a high temperature because they are made from plastic. However, the newly made weaves can still tolerate some low-temperature treatments, but still, they can’t dominate the natural human hair by using them as a weave.

  • How can I select a Weave for purchasing?

It is pretty much easy to decide. All you have to do is browse your favorite styles in the search bar. Then you have to select a texture, color, or length of the weave according to your choice. Now after choosing the style, order that specific weave.

  • What are some words related to the term “Weaves”?

Here are some words that you should know to understand the weave better.

  • Leave out

It is the part of your natural hair left behind to cover the weave.

  • Weft

A bundle of extensions is where the single strands of hair are attached to a stitch. It may be either machine-sewn or hand-tied. 

  • Track

It is the synthesized part of the weft that helps in the weave’s attachment.

  • Remy’s hair

It is the 100% human natural hair having a cuticle layer still present. However, as this type of hair may be passed through a texture or dying process thus, it is not virgin human hair.

  • Virgin hair

The virgin hair is pure or natural hair. So accordingly, it is not processed for the changes in the color or texture.

  • Single sourced

It means that a single person donates the hair.

  • Double sourced

It means that several donors donate the hair, and hence it is combined to form a weft having almost the same length.

  • Closure

The closure is a part of weft hair in a circle shape used to cover the hair of the weaver. It is made up of either a lace color wig or silk.

  • Frontal 

It covers a large surface area, such as the front of your hair. Moreover, it is also made of the same material as the closure.

  • What are some best brands for buying weaves?

There are a lot of weave brands, among which the Ministry, Bellami, Great Lengths, Glam Seamless, Richy Hair, and Antique Hair are the best.

They will provide you with their quality products and other services. But their price may be a bit hefty as well for some people.

  • How to maintain our weave for a long time?

There is a simple way of maintaining your weave in good condition for a long time. You have to moisturize your hair with natural oil every day. It would be best to clean your weave frequently because it is crucial for maintaining its fresh look.


Until now, you will have got at least a thing or two from the above information related to each and everything you should know about weaves.

Besides numerous benefits of the weaves, a disadvantage of getting weaves is the traction alopecia. It means hair loss and breakage due to weaves. But this risk applies to some women and in sporadic cases. So now it is up to you which color and texture weave you should choose irrespective of its few risks, just following the benefits.

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