Get to Know More About Heat Press Machine

This is a machine that is designed to put imprints on fabrics or even t-shirts. This machine can be used for commercial purposes that are, decorating clothes, putting stamps on cups, mugs, plates, and any other product. These machines can either be manual or use electric power. They can be used either at home or even at the workplace.

The cost of something goes hand in hand with the services that the machine offers. The higher the quality of work a machine delivers the higher the cost of the machine. Machines are meant to make work easier for individuals. Machines are being discovered and well designed. People have gone a step further to use machines for various purposes.

In this article, we are to discuss what has influenced the cost of the heat press device.

The costs can be influenced by:

  • The size of the machine
  • the features of the machine
  • the performance of the machine
  • the capability of the machine
  • the designing style of a machine

Various types of machines have different costs and this is alternatively has an impact on the heat press machine price Kenya.

The following are various types of heat press machine

  1. The clamshell heat press device
  2. The swinger heat press device
  3. The draw heat press device
  4. The sublimation t-shirt heat press device

The clamshell heat press device

The heat transfer procedure is carried out by this gadget on several surfaces. The technology can leave imprints on large-scale things like boxes, plates, mugs, and even clothing. It gets its name from the fact that it opens like an oyster shell.


It has a hinge between the upper and the lower platens that enhances it to close and open like the oyster shell

It can be put in different categories is

  1. Automatic
  2. Manual

It is a small size thus occupying a small space

The swinger heat press machine

As per its name, there is swinging taking place between the lower and the upper platen. The action of the upper platen swinging away from the lower platen enhancesthe free movement of the clothing laying on the lower platen.

This type of heat press device can work on a wide range of things as compared to the clamshell machine.

It can be used both at home and for commercial purposes

It occupies more space compared to the clamshell machine.

The draw heat press device

There are some similarities between this kind of machine and the swinger machine. The difference with this machine is that the lower platen pulls towards the user of the machine.

One thing when using this machine, you are required to take care when using it to avoid transferring designs from the place not wanted you must keep on moving the surface.

The sublimation t-shirt heat presser

The reason why people prefer it nowadays is because the dye used in the transfer paper will not distort the surface when the press machine is pressed down.

They are designed with a bigger surface as compared to the others.


We can conclude by stating that before you go shopping for the press machine do research on the features of the machines and the service offered by the machine.