How Do I Permanently Cover My Pool?

Installing a permanent cover Phoenix pool demolition is the most reliable and safest solution to keeping your pool closed during the off season. Makeshift covers may pose risks such as being hazardous, smelly and inviting bugs to invade.

An air pillow is an effective way to protect your cover from wind and rain damage as well as help avoid large puddles of water or snow from building up on top.

Safety Mesh Covers

A large sheet of plastic from the lumber store may meet your pool cover needs, but it won’t stand the test of time and be difficult to manage. A customized safety mesh cover designed specifically for pool use will withstand strong wind gusts better and won’t flap and tear or get blown off during strong gusts of wind demolishing your swimming pool.

Mesh safety covers act like giant strainers, allowing rain and snow through but filtering out leaves, insects, fine particles and debris that would otherwise clog your pool’s filter system. While more time will need to be devoted to cleaning it in Spring time, this method still reduces overall work required.

Solid covers offer complete debris and sunlight blocking, thus inhibiting algae growth. However, in order to keep debris and pools of water from weighing down on the surface and creating damage during Winter months it will be necessary to drain your pool cover using either an air pump or by placing something like the Pool Pillow Pal between them and your cover (this could save some serious money in repairs!).

Water Bag Covers

Without proper treatment removing a swimming pool or protection for your pool, algae, bugs and bacteria will soon overrun it. Without daily pumping/balancing of chemicals as well as filter run-time management and use of an effective chlorine dispenser you could soon end up with an unsanitary mess that poses serious safety threats to you, your family, and neighbors.

Mesh safety covers are an affordable solution that eliminate standing water hazards while remaining secure using straps and anchors drilled directly into your pool deck. They may even come equipped with solar blankets to heat your pool faster and reduce evaporation.

A tarp cover can only stay tight as tightly as its surface and tear easily without support from something else. We advise installing a five to six foot fence around the pool and hiring a tree service to trim back overhanging tree limbs that might fall on it or into it. In addition, floating maintenance products like Pool Pillow Pal can help absorb pressure from freezing and thawing snow and ice accumulation on top remove your swimming pool.

Water Tube Covers

These budget-conscious tarpaulin covers are ideal for keeping debris, dirt and children out of your pool during winter while saving energy costs and saving energy costs as a result of solar damage to the pool surface. Plus they protect chlorine levels while decreasing cleaning costs!

Water tubes are affordable and simple to use; they replace milk jugs, soda bottles and other improvised items that were once used to secure corners of winter covers. Constructed of vinyl tubing filled two thirds full with water, water tubes can be laid over winter covers to secure corners more effectively than straight tubes can do. They’re available as 8 foot single or double tubes as well as corner versions if a straight solution cannot be achieved.

These heavy-duty 8 foot single water tubes are constructed of durable 20 gauge vinyl for long lasting performance and feature a leak proof valve for added reliability. Simply position these around the perimeter of your winter cover to protect it from sinking into the pool and fill them to approximately 75-85% for proper ice expansion considerations.

Automatic Covers

If you want a permanent and above-ground pool cover solution, an automatic cover could be just what’s needed. These covers are constructed of vinyl material which doesn’t shrink and fade over time; with either an electric motor opening and closing it or remote control functionality for remote operation.

These covers also serve as Winter Covers for your pool and can help prevent leaves, branches, pine cones and other organic material from making their way into the swimming water throughout winter. This prevents it from smelling like pea green soup when you open it back up in spring as well as making cleaning simpler overall.

Covers rest on top of pool water to prevent evaporation, saving thousands of gallons of chemicals that would have evaporated without it. Though periodic chlorine and algaecide applications will still be necessary, this is significantly less work and money than having to empty and refill an entire pool with cleaner.

Rolling Track Covers

An outdoor pool without a cover will gradually decay over time, with surfaces, finishes and structures eventually needing removal or replacement. You can avoid this fate with an effective permanent cover designed to last years – this solution could save both money and effort in maintenance costs!

Before choosing a pool cover, take into account your local climate. If you live in an especially warm region, opt for something which keeps the water warm by preventing heat loss through sunlight; solar or insulated covers would work best in this instance.

If you live in an area with frequent snowfall, mesh or solid covers will work effectively to protect against it. Regular removal of buildup must occur, so as not to let pools of rainwater or melting snow collect on it and weigh down or damage its integrity – using a good snow broom may prove helpful in doing this task efficiently.


Winterizing pillows are an affordable yet essential component of an above ground pool cover system. This inflatable cushion sits under the cover to absorb pressure caused by ice freezing and expanding throughout the winter season.