How Does Your Company Brand Represent You?

A company brand reveals a lot of information about the company itself. If you want to see how potential customers and even competitors perceive you, it’s important to take an honest look at your branding. Does it represent your business the way you want it to? Does it send the right message about your values and your professionalism? Analyzing your brand on a regular basis can help you make sure it always presents your company in the right light.

Some businesses keep the same branding for years or even decades, then decide to change it to suit more modern times. It’s up to you to determine how your company brand represents you and whether you should stick with it or update it occasionally.

In addition to making sure your brand matches your business, it’s also important to make sure it is highly visible. Brand awareness is something you should always strive to improve. People are more likely to choose your business over competitors if they are familiar with your brand.

Put Your Logo in the Spotlight on Your Zoom Calls

One way to improve brand awareness is to put your logo in the spotlight on your Zoom calls. You can do this by creating a custom Google Meet office background that displays your logo in a prominent or subtle way.

Every time you have a meeting with your team or with clients, they’ll see your company logo. This helps increase brand awareness and remind your employees of a common goal to grow your business. When you have virtual background teams that display your brand, you remind everyone that you’re on the same team and working for the same things.

Know Your Brand’s Personality

Another key to representing your business well is to understand your brand’s personality. This can be hard to visualize at first, but try this exercise to get started. First, imagine your brand is a celebrity. Would it be fun and laidback like Drew Barrymore or serious and professional like Daniel Craig? When you can visualize your brand as a person, it’s easier to nail down the right personality.

Another great way to visualize the personality so you can market appropriately and choose the right Google Meet office background is by taking the following steps:

  1. Come up with a list of 2-5 adjectives that describe your brand (ideas include uplifting, smart, personable, or witty).
  2. Think of who your target audience is and who they would go to for advice. Would your ideal customer be more likely to talk with a trustworthy best friend or turn to a reliable aunt for advice? Once you know the answer, try to develop a voice for your brand that mimics the person your target customer trusts the most.
  3. Imagine your brand’s dream spokesperson. Would it be someone with the wit of Stephen Colbert or the charm of Angeline Jolie?

These are great ways to get to know the personality and nail it down. Once you better understand your branding, you can tweak it as needed to ensure it represents your business well.