Import Vehicle Charging Systems

Many European vehicles have Bosch AC generators featuring Y-type stators. Bosch models with a remote regulator use six rectifiers and have a threaded battery terminal and two-way spade connector on the rear housing. Those with an integral regulator contain 12 rectifiers and have a threaded battery stud marked B and a smaller threaded stud marked D. This smaller stud is used for voltage from the ignition switch.

Models with internal regulators also have a diode trio to supply field current initially and a blocking diode to prevent current from flowing back to the ignition system when the ignition is turned off. Several manufacturers such as Hitachi, Nippondenso, and Mitsubishi provide AC generators for Japanese vehicles. While all function on the same principles just studied, the design and construction of some units are unique.


For example, Figure 8-71 shows a Mitsubishi AC generator that uses an integral regulator with double Y-stator and 12 diodes in a pair of rectifier assemblies to deliver high current with high voltage at low speeds. A diode trio internally supplies the field, and a 50-ohm resistor in the regulator performs the same function as the Bosch blocking diode.

Lastly comment

Some current DaimlerChrysler vehicles use Nippondenso AC generators with an output range of 68 to 102 amperes. These are virtual clones of the Bosch design, even to the external wiring connections (Figure 8-70). Charging system circuitry is the same, as are test procedures.