Three Useful Tools for Online Classes

Technology is having a more major role than ever before in the new world of learning. The education system is gradually shifting into more digital territory, eclipsing the conventional educational structure.

After the Covid outbreak in 2020, the educational sector was forced to shift to a new digital methodology of teaching since all the educational institutions were shut down.

The Covid conditions necessitated a huge concentration on online education, which is why digital learning solutions gained a significant amount of popularity.

In such a time when online education is the only option to move forward, teachers, as well as the students, are looking for tools that can help them arrange video meetings, constitute lesson plans, share documents, edit PDF, etc.

Strong and reliable platforms are in high demand that can help bridge the gap between classroom one-to-one learning and remote learning Guru99.

In this article, we will discuss a few such platforms that can change the e-learning game completely and take it to a whole new level.

Virtual Classroom

This is a holistic online learning platform in the G suite that is designed to perform in a community environment.

Anyone who has got a mail account can enjoy the benefits of this platform. The educators as well as the students primarily use this platform by opening a School Account.

Teachers can share their lesson plan, syllabi, and study materials and also give assignments whereas the students have the option to post queries and get them solved by their batch mates and the teachers too.

It has the potential to elevate virtual education to new heights.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is the most optimized and productive way of conducting an online class and one of the best tools for this purpose is virtual platforms.

It’s a lot easier to share schedules, engage with several students, and teach lessons now than it was earlier.

Talking about its features, contents can be shared with a single click and the use of whiteboards brings up the student’s active participation.

There are options for hybrid classrooms which provide top-notch security. Classes can also be recorded which helps the students to catch up with the pace even after live classes.

The outstanding quality of the video conferences makes Zoom an overall better tool to conduct online classes.


This is software in the web browser that helps people to do everything that can be done to a PDF. It is a comprehensive PDF Editor.

Its features include converting any kind of file format into a PDF and vice versa. These include excel to PDF, PDF to jpg, PDF to Word, and so on.

You can also combine several PDFs into a single one, change texts in the PDF, or insert any kind of pictures into any PDF.

This tool is greatly used by students as well as the teachers to ease their tasks related to creating assignments and study materials and submitting them.


People across the globe have shown a lot of interest and support for using this software. There are no longer any time or space restrictions, and students and teachers across the world have the opportunity to stay in touch regardless of their location.