5 Tips For Jeep Maintenance For The Fall

As the leaves begin to turn and fall, you may be looking down at your list of autumn chores. In addition to preparing your home and property for fall, you should also prepare your Jeep. You may start by searching for information, such as the Jeep wheel specifications blog. Then, consider these fall maintenance tasks.

Waterproof Your Jeep

Your Jeep is not fully waterproof, and these vehicles have a lot of removable parts, making them prone to leaks. However, you can, and should, minimize these leak problems. When you drove your Jeep off the lot, the soft top’s vinyl and zippers were in top shape, but they wear over time. However, you can install a hard top in the fall to prevent further damage from winter weather. You should also install full, rather than half, doors to reduce water intrusion.

You may also consider replacing the seals around your doors, windows and top. You can also remove your carpeting. Whether you want to clean and replace it or just leave it out for the winter season is up to you. Your Jeep also has rubber drain plugs in the floorboards that can be removed to drain any excess water.

Inspect Your Parts

Several parts of your Jeep should also be checked. For example, you should have your battery and brakes checked. Your wiper blades should be evaluated. Also, inspect and clean your headlights and consider adding lights if necessary. Replacement parts should be installed where necessary.

Your tires should also be inspected. If they are worn, you should replace them before winter so they have adequate traction on the roads. If they don’t need to be replaced, consider rotating them to extend their life.

Check and Change Your Fluids

You should also check and change your fluids during the fall. First, change your oil to protect your engine, especially as the weather cools. Your coolant and antifreeze should also be flushed and replaced. These fluids keep your engine running at the proper temperature, protecting gaskets, heads, hoses and your radiator.

Your transmission fluid should also be flushed in the fall. These fluids tend to burn or brown over time, so they and your filters should be changed regularly. Your Jeep axle and gear fluids should also be checked and changed, especially if you do any off-roading. Read your owner’s manual to determine the fluids that will work best in your Jeep.

Protect Your Interiors

Fall and winter weather tend to be wet and grimy. Therefore, consider protecting your interiors. For example, install seat covers and floor mats. You may also consider investing in a toolbox or bins to protect your belongings, keeping them dry and safe.

Address Overdue Maintenance

Your Jeep requires regular maintenance. Your owner’s manual provides instructions on the things you should address regularly. However, if you have fallen behind on any of your vehicle maintenance, be sure to catch up before winter hits.

The last thing you want is to be stuck without your Jeep in the winter. Therefore, adequate fall preparation is vital. You may even consider adding a few safety features, such as a winch (see a winch buying guide for specifications) or adding lights for night driving. Consider working with a reputable mechanic or dealership as you prepare your Jeep for winter driving.