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Will Freight, Railroad, and Shipping Rates Continue to Rise in 2022? 

Freight shipping costs have been increasing intensely since the spring of 2020. Various industry experts expect more surges in freight shipping costs in the first months of 2022. These surges in prices...

Import Vehicle Charging Systems

Many European vehicles have Bosch AC generators featuring Y-type stators. Bosch models with a remote regulator use six rectifiers and have a threaded battery terminal and two-way spade connector on the rear...

Charging System Operation

It varies charging voltage relative to ambient temperature and the system voltage requirements.  A self-diagnostic program can detect charging system problems and record fault codes in system memory. Some codes will light...

Integral Alternator/Regulator Models

The Motor craft IAR AC generators are rated at 40 to 80 amperes. The sealed rectifier assembly is attached to the slipping-end housing. On early models, the connecting terminals (BAT and STA)...
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