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Golf Grip Types

It is only via the tyres that a vehicle comes into touch with the road. Tire pressure and damage to the tyres are two important considerations for prudent drivers. Tread design, tyre...

How Routines Improve Performance in Competition

A professional golfer, Kevin has been on the mini-tour for 18 months. Because he has the tendency to overthink and worry about performance, effective routines are very important. He begins his routine...

Training as a Fitness-Oriented Athlete

To be able to achieve continuous performance improvement as a ten-oriented athlete in May Thai, it is necessary to have two or three May Thai training sessions per week. At times you...

Fight Strategies an Interview with Trainer Khuu Pit

Khuu Pit: You have to keep your opponent at bay with a lot of punches and front push kicks to the stomach and legs. You also have to deliver powerful round kicks...

Improving Team Performance with Sports Psychology

In Part IV, we show you how to improve communication on your team, because teams that communicate better perform better. We explain the importance of leaders in the team dynamic and help...
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