5 Main Duties of Event Managers

Event management supposes the organization of various events, including weddings, business meetings, birthdays, and tech forums. Although putting together a whole event might seem to be a huge challenge, here is what mainly event managers do as their primary duty. 

Choose venue and logistics

The organization of events starts with designing the goal and the scope of the event. In this, significant importance is given to the choice of the venue and the logistics. The venue should nicely go with the essence of the event and its characteristics and transfer the meaningful vibes. 

Organizing logistics is also an essential part of putting together a particular event. For example, if the event manager is responsible for planning a European-style event, the choice of venue can be either a large hall or an outdoor park for hosting the wedding. 

Organize Visitor Lists

Another important duty that event managers have is the organization of visitor lists. It is necessary to have a list of the invited people and manage those accordingly, saying that it is meant that you should be aware of where to lead the guests upon their arrival when the guests are coming. 

Sometimes event managers use visitor management software to diminish the possibility of messing the lists around, but overall, managing the visitor lists is one of the most responsible tasks for event managers. 

Follow up on the completion of tasks

The leading event manager is also responsible for checking up on every team member to see if everything goes as planned or not. It is crucial that all the tasks are presented accordingly and recorded, and their statuses are changed when necessary. 

Using andcards can help event managers be aware of all the tasks existing for the team members and follow up on those for proper organization and delivery of the event. 

Define the budget for the event

Event managers are also responsible for making the list of all the necessary attributes for the event. Those attributes can refer to a wide variety of stuff, such as electronics, equipment, rental of chairs and tables, utensils, etc. It is also their duty to prepare the price list and know the expenses for the event. 

Although accounting software is mostly used to make accurate calculations and budgeting, it is also the event manager’s duty to define the budget and allocate from the given financial resources. 

Meet and greet guests

Last but not least, event managers and their teammates organize the event from start to end. This also means that they meet and greet the guests, direct them to their allocated seats, show them where the washrooms are, where to hang their coats, for instance, and so on. Being polite, smiley, and warm-welcoming when greeting the guests should be a top priority no matter how tired event managers are. 

Wrapping up 

Event managers complete many tasks by organizing an event. As they are responsible for putting together an event from zero, their duties will include, but be not limited to, choosing the event venue and logistics and managing the visitor lists. 

Defining the budget for the event, following up on the proper completion of the tasks by their fellow teammates, and meeting and greeting the guests during the event are also the primary duties of event managers.