6 ways to take care for your sensitive skin

Born as a person with sensitive skin, what to do, must think and think again Especially when seeing a new, interesting cream. There are people who say that it is good to use to help reduce acne and clear skin. I want to try, my heart is broken But the face is too cowardly. Every time I encounter something new, I lose every time… I’m worried about each other.

skin care from facelabs.co.th Is a good alternative to using products that are regulated by a dermatologist.

“6 ways to take care of facial skin for people with sensitive skin” How can I stop the problem of dry skin, peeling, itching, hypersensitivity? If you’re ready, let’s get started.

Test the cream every time before actually using it.

As said, people with sensitive skin need to be especially careful when using creams or products. Because if you are not careful, mistakes happen. It takes a lot of time to treat allergic reactions, so the “preliminary cream allergy test” is a method that people with sensitive skin should know. To prevent allergic skin problems.

The way to test for allergic reactions to the cream is not difficult. Apply the cream under the arms, folds or behind the ears. Apply 2 times a day, morning and evening. Apply for about 3 days in a row if there is no redness, itching, blisters or foreign pustules. Shows that the cream or product tested is safe to a certain extent. Take a little time to experiment. But it can help prevent early allergic reactions as well. I think it’s worth it

Use cosmetics sparingly.

more people The more cosmetics, the higher the risk of causing allergic reactions. Therefore, people with sensitive skin should use as little product as possible. Choose only the ones you really need first. But the question is, what are the necessary and non-essential makeup products? Which ones can be applied and which ones should be avoided? You can see from the list below.

Products for sensitive skin

– Gentle nourishing cream strengthen skin

– Sunscreen

– loose powder, baby powder

Products to avoid

– A cream containing whitening ingredients, AHA cream

– cream containing steroids

– Cosmetics to hide wrinkles and cosmetics for adding color

– Acne medication that has a strong exfoliating effect

Apply the cream to strengthen the skin.

Most people with sensitive skin tend to have problems with dry skin and lack of moisture. When the skin is dry, the problem of redness, peeling, burning, itching will follow. Sometimes there may be a rash. For this reason, people with sensitive skin or people whose skin is allergic. Should find a skin cream that helps strengthen the skin to apply. In addition to helping to strengthen the skin’s moisture It also helps to relieve the burning, itching, redness of the face as well.

Nourish the skin with organic oils.

In addition to the nourishing creams recommended above, organic oils or oils that are extracted from 100% natural origin are one of the interesting skin care products for sensitive skin. Because these oils are extracted directly from plants, they are not mixed with colors, smells or other substances. causing a low risk of allergic reactions Most of the substances in organic oils are substances that are already present in our skin. It can therefore help strengthen and restore weak skin. which is suitable for people with very sensitive skin Examples of organic oils are squalane oil , argan oil , rosehip oil , Tea tree oil .

Apply sunscreen to protect the skin.

Some people with sensitive skin are allergic to certain substances in the product. Some people are also allergic to the sun. When exposed to strong sunlight, the skin will sting, red, sometimes a rash may occur. Applying sunscreen is another way to help prevent sun-sensitive skin. Also, apply sunscreen regularly. can also help reduce the problem of aging wrinkles and helps to make the black marks from acne disappear faster but must ensure that Not allergic to the sunscreen that will be used as well.

Avoid food that damages the skin.

Food has an undoubted effect on skin health. eat something like that If we eat fruits and vegetables or supplements that contain vitamins that are essential for the skin. Our skin will be beautiful and healthy. But if we eat food that destroys the skin or food that has been eaten and then has an allergic reaction. It may cause a red rash that occurs without knowing it. We are not the same losers. Some people are allergic to wheat flour. Some people are allergic to seafood. Some people are allergic to alcohol, some people are allergic to milk. Let’s observe ourselves and see what we are allergic to. and avoid that food It helps prevent allergic reactions as well.

But some foods are not allergic, they should not be eaten, such as alcoholic beverages. The more you drink, the more your skin becomes dry, dehydrated, and itchy skin. Sensitive skin people should avoid it.

In fact, sensitive skin may not solve much. Because sometimes it’s a matter of heredity, which can’t be cured. But I think we can live together. Just keep an eye on things around you. and choose products that are suitable for your skin type Sensitive skin problems, burning, itching, peeling will not be a big problem anymore. Every problem has a solution.