8 Car Transmission Maintenance Tips

As a car owner, you want to ensure that your car transmission is dependable. Continue reading this blog to discover the best transmission maintenance advice. You never disregard your engine light, know how to fix a flat tire, and change your oil regularly.

You believe yourself to be a conscientious automobile owner, and routine maintenance and checkups are already standard. However, what about one area of car maintenance that you are not as acquainted with? How to properly care for your automatic transmission.

In this blog, you’ll learn the most crucial transmission maintenance instructions you should follow to keep yourself safe on the road and your transmission in good condition.

Check transmission fluid levels.

Transmission fluid lubricates transmission gears, cools the rotating gears, and generates the hydraulic pressure required to transfer gears in automatic transmissions.

Since modern vehicles often have covered fluid systems, check your owner’s handbook to determine if your car has a dipstick for checking gearbox fluids.

Every month, check your transmission fluid and replace it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If your vehicle has transmission dipsticks, park it in a safe location. Turn on your car’s engine and gently shift through all ratios, finishing with ‘P.’

If your automobile model requires it, you may have to leave the engine running when you open the hood to check the dipstick. Remove and wipe the dipstick before putting it back into the transmission to obtain a sample. Pull the stick out again and check the red transmission fluid levels since deeper colours may indicate filthy fluid.

Maintain your engine’s cooling system.

The cooling system in your car contributes to the prevention of engine overheating. However, did you realize it also cools the transmission fluid that flows through the gearbox?

Before your engine overheats, you’re more likely to require transmission repair. Check that your cooling system is in good working order. Transmission Services Chatswood can service your engine’s cooling system.

Maintain your transmission clean on a regular schedule.

It is advisable to leave cleaning the transmission fluid in your vehicle to a professional. Consult your owner’s handbook for specifics, but in general, get your vehicle’s transmission cleaned once a year.

The life of your transmission fluid determines the operating temperature of your vehicle and the amount of driving you undertake. Transmission Services Chatswood recommends that you get your transmission cleaned regularly.

While driving, do not change gears abruptly.

Let your car stop before shifting from drive to reverse or vice versa. Failure to do so merely puts pressure on your transmission, which can become a significant concern over time. Transmission Services Chatswood always recommends warming up the vehicle before shifting into gear.

Moving other cars or oversized cargo is not recommended.

Tow trucks exist for a purpose. Unnecessary towing, except your car, is rated to carry high weights, can lead to transmission failure and significant engine stress.

Remember that the transmission transfers engine power to the vehicle wheels, and towing heavy goods can cause it to overheat quicker than the engine – especially when going over steep inclines.

When utilizing a spare tire, avoid the long drives.

There’s a reason why traditional drivers prefer a full-size spare tire to a small one. True, those small spare tires are wonderful for quickly mending flats, but they are not suitable for long-distance travel.

Not only can it cause damage to other elements of your car, but it will also place unneeded strain on the transmission over time.

Maintain a frequent fluid level check.

Your transmission has a dipstick that allows you to check fluid levels. Check for discolouration and ensure that the amounts are appropriate according to your owner’s manual.

Learn what colour your transmission fluid should be, and get your automobile examined if it appears burned or discoloured. Bring any transmission fluid leaks to Transmission Services Chatswood as soon as possible. It may be as easy as a seal replacement or indicating more significant issues.

Annually examine your car transmission.

Even if you don’t suspect anything is awry with your transmission, it’s still a good idea to see a professional once a year to ensure it’s still in excellent working order.

Transmission Services Chatswood recommends doing a comprehensive check of your transmission for leaks and other irregularities at least once a year and regularly monitoring the transmission fluid’s level, colour, and smell.

We hope you found this information to be helpful. Contact Transmission Services Chatswood now if you have any queries regarding automatic transmission maintenance, require a fluid replacement or a transmission tune-up, or suspect you may have a more significant transmission problem.