Does Facebook drug test potential employees?

Facebook does not drug test its employees during their course of employment. No companies in the Bay area or the IT conduct a 5-panel for a drug test for their employees other than their technical expertise. But it might vary according to circumstances and the state they are located in. If the state law requires the employees to drug test, the employees might face a drug test.

Does Facebook do a pre-employment drug test?

Facebook generally does not conduct a pre-employment drug test for marijuana or other illicit drugs. The federal and state governments had not mandatorily placed drug tests as a criterion for employers to recruit employees. It is up to the employer to conduct drug tests per their company’s drug testing policies with the federal and state guidelines.

SAMHSA, the agency under the Department of Health and Human Services, has developed the Drug-Free Workplace Program. This program provides discounts in insurance premiums in the workers’ comp for those employers who have registered with the program.

Even though the technical employees in Facebook might not face a drug test, those in the construction and safety-sensitive positions on the campus might get drug tested during the pre-employment process.

Does Facebook do random drug testing?

No. They do not conduct random drug testing for their employees. But, it might differ based on their location and the state government guidelines on drug testing.

Final Words

Facebook and other tech companies hardly drug test their employees, but they might vary based on the location and the state drug testing policies. If you are applying for a job on Facebook, it is better to refrain from drugs as professionalism would take a hit if you are drug abused.