Features to Look into When Purchasing a Maize Sheller in Kenya

This is a machine used to separate corn grains from cob, especially after harvesting. They are automatic and shell every variety of maize including the local and hybrid. Maize foliage is first removed manually and then the sheller does the other work after being manually operated.

The following article limelights a maize sheller machine;

Some areas concentrate on maize farming countrywide. This farming activity is in two forms; subsistence and cash cropping. Whether the food is for selling or self-supply, the farmer needs a maize sheller machine to shell his maize. It works faster depleting whatever the amount of harvest there is.

The succeeding article portrays the features of a maize sheller that a farmer should know when purchasing one.

The sheller is automatic

A maize sheller requires very little labor from humans to work. The work of humans is to just put the maize cobs in the sheller for threshing. When the maize areais in the sheller, they are threshed automatically.

The farmer starts the engine and the rest is done.

It uses electricity or petrol power

A maize sheller does not require manual power. It uses electricity or petrol power to work its engine for the shelling. Nowadays electricity is everywhere and cheap to acquire as well as petrol. This, therefore, advantages the buyer to purchase it.

The presence of enough petrol and the availability of electricity means the machine owner can work at any time and anywhere.

It’s easily movable

The sheller has been designed in such a way that it can be moved anywhere. The farmer does not have to worry considering where his harvest is in terms of distance or absence of electricity.

A maize sheller using petrol power can be moved to places without electricity by carts, motorbikes, and other means of carriage.

It works very fast

If the harvest is large, the farmer does not need to fear again. With this machine, and there is enough petrol or electricity, it works until the load ends.It works continuously and faster. It also never getsexhausting.

The farmer can be happy that he can finish harvesting and shellson the same day.

It has different sizes

Some shellers have big sizes while others are small. They have different features also. A maize sheller machine price in Kenya varies in size. Abig-sized sheller is expensive and works faster than a small-sized one.

One can buy any considering their interest and purpose.

As long as there is enough petrol or electricity available, it will work until the harvest is over. The farmer can be happy that he can finish harvesting and shell the maize on the same day.

Gives great results

The sheller has the capability of separating corn grains from cobs. It does not interfere with grains’ quality and does itsbest to separate them from other dirt.

Every farmer will rate it high after giving it a test.

Its a source of employment

When a farmer possesses this sheller, he or she can shell the harvest of other farmers who doesn’t have this sheller machine and earn income.

Therefore he can make aprofit.

A maize sheller has a good shelf life.

It is easily maintained andrequiresfewer services. Replace worn-out parts.


With the use of a maize sheller, harvesting a lot of maize should never be a headache again.  The device shells any amount of maize,  and does it at a rate that is fast.

This article describes the maize sheller features that gives a farmer or any other person the reasons to purchase the device.