Golf Grip Types

It is only via the tyres that a vehicle comes into touch with the road. Tire pressure and damage to the tyres are two important considerations for prudent drivers. Tread design, tyre grade, life expectancy and more are all factors to be considered when purchasing new tyres.

As with terrible tyres, poor grips detract against performance. Gripping the club is the sole way for a player to interact with the club. Many golfers accept golf grips that are excessively worn or damaged, which may make them slippery and negatively impair their performance on the course.

Is your grip getting all the attention it deserves? Is it time to clean or replace your golf grips? Grip cleaning is sometimes all that’s required. Skin oil, filth, and sunscreen eventually find their way into your grips. When you’ve lost your surface tack, your natural impulse is to grasp the club too tightly. Regripping a golf club is necessary when washing does not remove tackiness.

A glove’s lifetime may be shortened if you apply too much heel-grip pressure on it. It’s possible that it may wear a hole in your grip and need a new one. To decrease your handicap and save your gloves and grips, you should practise proper club gripping.


Authentic leather-wrapped grips are still in demand today. Manufacturers, on the other hand, employ synthetic materials that have been moulded into a wrapped form. Temperature and humidity extremes may be less damaging to synthetic materials.


Due to its cost-efficiency, rubber grips are among the most popular. A regular feature on many sets of golf clubs supplied to amateurs is rubber grips. Many golfers like the grip stability provided by high-quality rubber grips.


Traction control is provided via coarse, corded grips in severe weather. Moisture is wicked into the spaces between the cords by the wicking properties of the fabric. Corded grips are popular among golfers who want to play in rainy or humid weather. Corded grips are generally preferred by players with powerful swings and fast swing speeds.


The palm of your hand and the fingers on your hand have their own unique set of requirements. With a strong cord top and soft rubber bottom, hybrid golf grips solve this problem.


You’ve likely heard of a gimme if you’ve ever played golf. What is a gimme in golf?

The term ‘gimme’ refers to a putt deemed so close to the hole that it’s essentially unmissable.

How to Adjust a Golf Club’s Grease

It’s time to move on to the next step once you’ve chosen your preferred golf grip. The procedure of re-gripping a golf club is uncomplicated and simple. It’s feasible to regrip a golf club in a matter of minutes if you’re acquainted with the technique.

This is a job that your golf pro would be better suited to handle. You’ll get the benefits of a PGA professional’s experience if you hire him or her to provide and install new grips. A professional can help you sort through the plethora of grip choices. Common inquiries may be answered by a PGA professional as well. What if you can’t find a replacement for a worn out grip? Alternatively, do you think it’s time to try a new golf grip?