How to Choose the Maid of Honor

There are many crucial parts of a wedding that you need to prepare carefully. As the newlyweds begin to write their list of tasks during the preparation, they will be faced with a lot of decisions. For a bride, one of the tougher decisions could be to choose the maid of honor. 

There are, of course, brides that knew who would be this important person since their childhood. But some struggle to see who would be the best choice. If you are in the second group or somewhere in between, here’s a guide on how to choose the maid of honor. 

Consider the maid of honor’s duties

It might seem like the maid is simply the person who wears the special dress and has a special place in the bride’s heart to deserve this role. But it’s so much more because, similarly to bridesmaid duties on wedding day and before it, there is also the maid of honor’s duties.

These include being the support system for the bride before and during the wedding, organizing the bachelorette party, making sure the bridesmaids know what to do, and helping choose the wedding dress. All while having fun. 

So, the bride should choose someone who can commit to all these duties. Because of the importance of this role, it’s crucial that the maid of honor not only can do all of the above but also will enjoy the process. 

Forget about the gender

We get that because the role is called maid, you might think it has to be a female. But, much like the world these days, you should think beyond gender. Choose the person because of what they are to you and how they can make your big day even more special. 

If you decide to go for a male, he’ll have the title of man of honor. This is a great choice if your brother or your male best friends are your go-to person and the best support system in your life. After your future spouse of course. 

Family or friend?

Friends are the family we choose, right? So it’s no wonder when choosing the maid of honor you might find it difficult to decide if it is going to be a member of the family you were born into or the one you choose. 

What would be the best choice is very personal. To decide, consider firstly what we mentioned so far. Because maybe you love your sister but she just wasn’t cut out to be the perfect maid of honor. Or you thought it had to be your female BFF. Now that you know men are good for the role too, you can choose your brother.  

Some people advise going for a family member as it is the most logical choice. If you feel that your sister for example and your BFF would both be great for the role, the easiest is to go for this so-called logical solution – blood comes first. Don’t like the sound of that? Then there’s your answer. Your choice should be a friend. 

Think about your needs

The wedding day should be all about the newlyweds. So, as a bride, when choosing a maid of honor or anything else for the wedding, first consider your needs. Sure, there’s a list of duties and logical choices, etc. But don’t forget to consider what’s unique about you. And what your maid of honor could do to make your wedding day better. 

For example, if you’re an introvert, you might be very happy with an extroverted maid of honor who will take over the spotlight when you’re overwhelmed. The characteristics unique to you will help you find the right person. After all, you’ve already found the love of your life, so how hard can it be to find the most suitable maid of honor?

Wrapping it up  

The maid of honor is someone with responsibilities before and on the wedding day. It’s someone close to the bride who understands their needs and can work as a support system. Being a good maid of honor is not at all about gender. But it is about how they make the bride feel. 

Take all this into consideration and you’ll be sure to find the best way how to choose the maid of honor.