How to Layer and Accessorize Boho Outfits

Incorporating mixed textures and prints can make your outfit stand out. Try mixing prints, textures, and colors to create an interesting outfit. Layering and adding a belt can also help you achieve this look. Follow these easy steps and you’ll be ready to head out the door in no time! – Layer your outfit with various types of accessories. – Choose an appropriate bag and belt. – Mix and match colors and prints.

Mixing textures

Incorporating different materials in your wardrobe is the key to a boho look. While this style is known for embracing maximalism, it is also about mixing textures and patterns, and breaking rules. Think colorful tassels, layers of textures, and layers of patterns. These elements can be used to make clean-lined foundations look dynamic. Mixing different fabrics can also help you save money.

Boho decor is all about layers. You can use multiple textures, patterned rugs over reclaimed floors, cushy blankets over a ladder, beaded pendants, and more to create a cozy and eclectic feel. Use multiple rugs and woven fabrics to create a multi-level feel. Try binding Kazi sweetgrass baskets to a wall and adding a reclaimed credenza for a modern boho look.

Mixing prints

For the ultimate boho vibe, mix prints and styles. From floral to wild animal prints, you’ll want to wear a mix. As a general rule, make sure your prints are of contrasting sizes. Smaller prints go well with bigger prints, and vice versa. Incorporate a floral print headband into your ensemble, and team it with striped pants and a top. Try mixing prints in unexpected ways, and you’ll have a unique look.

Bohemian clothing is full of mixed prints. Often, a solid piece of clothing will complement a fully patterned blouse. Adding a floral print to an embroidered jacket adds texture and a touch of color. You can also wear a paisley or tribal print skirt with a jacket. And mixing prints in boho outfits is a great way to add interest to an otherwise ordinary outfit.


In addition to the traditional blazer, you can try layering with oversized vests and cardigans. Bohemian fashions are usually made of natural colors, but you can add a splash of color, but avoid neon. The key to layering is to use loose, forgiving layers to keep your look from looking too tight or too revealing. Bohemian outfits can be a great addition to your capsule wardrobe, too!

A simple patterned open front woven is an easy way to give your boho style a contemporary edge. It can instantly elevate an otherwise boring black dress or a casual outfit. A crochet open front woven also looks great over a swimsuit. For a romantic date, a lace trim top with olive drawstring shorts will go perfectly with a floral print open front woven. Layering in boho outfits is a must-have!

Adding a belt

If you have trouble finding the right belt for your boho outfit, here are some ideas for enhancing the look. You can start by adjusting the belt on your dress. Using a leather belt will add structure and shape to your boho outfit. If you need to adjust the belt length, try a sash belt or an obi-type belt. You can also add a single skinny belt for a waisted effect.

Adding a belt to your boho outfit is an easy way to hide a tummy and balance your ensemble. Bohemian fashion is all about flowing and diaphanous layers, so it’s a great way to hide a tummy. However, it requires careful planning and a few wardrobe essentials to pull it off. To achieve the perfect look, you’ll want to invest in some accessories that can make your outfit more streamlined and comfortable.


Accessorizing your boho outfit is important to complete the look. The perfect necklace can make the entire outfit pop, so be sure to select one with a tribal or animal design. Ankle bracelets can be delicate or statement pieces with a lot of bling. Using a statement necklace can make your outfit stand out in a crowd, so be sure to choose one that is subtle yet eye-catching.


If you want to complete your boho look, choose boho jewelry in multiple designs, colors, and textures. Accessories will help you to showcase your artistic personality and compliment any outfit. Accessories will enhance the festive and mesmerizing effect of your outfit, as well as add an element of whimsy to it. For a more sophisticated look, choose a pair of slouchy ankle boots in neutral shades.