Integral Alternator/Regulator Models

The Motor craft IAR AC generators are rated at 40 to 80 amperes. The sealed rectifier assembly is attached to the slipping-end housing. On early models, the connecting terminals (BAT and STA) protruded from the side of the AC generator in a plastic housing. Current models use a single pin stator (STA) connector and separate output stud (BAT). The brushes are attached to, and removed with, the regulator. A Y-type stator is used with a 12-pole rotor. Some applications have an internal cooling fan.

Turning the ignition on sends voltage to the regulator I terminal through a resistor in the circuit. System voltage is sensed and field current is drawn through the regulator A terminal until the ignition is turned off, which shuts off the control circuit. If the vehicle has a heated windshield, output is switched from the battery to the windshield by an output control relay.


This allows output voltage to increase above the normal regulated voltage and vary with engine speed. The regulator I circuit limits the increase to 70 volts, which is controlled by the heated windshield module during the approximate four-minute cycle of heated windshield operation. When the cycle times out, the charging system returns to normal operation.

DaimlerChrysler Corporation manufactured all of the AC generators for its domestic vehicles until the late 1980s, when it phased in Bosch and Nippondenso AC generators for use on all vehicles. DaimlerChrysler used two alternator designs from 1972 through 1984. The standard-duty alternator, rated from 50 to 65 amperes, is identified by an internal cooling fan and the stator core extension between the housings.

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The heavy-duty 100-ampere alternator has an external fan and a totally enclosed stator core. Identification also is stamped on a color-coded tag on the housing. All models have a 12-pole rotor and use a remotely mounted solid-state regulator. The brushes can be replaced from outside the housing.

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