Take Charge of Your Fertility by Controlling When to Conceive

Having a baby is a big deal. As such, it is imperative to plan accordingly for an appropriate time to introduce a baby into your life. Modern medical inventions make it possible to have your kid at the most opportune time. If you consider getting birth control in McDonough, Ideal Gynecology, LLC, specialists can help. With extensive experience and the newest methods, your providers are more than capable of offering good advice regarding your best option for birth control. Call or go online to book an appointment with the compassionate experts today.

What is the Meaning of Birth Control?

Birth control entails planning your pregnancy for the best period in your life rather than abandoning it to chance. Contraception comes in a variety of forms.

What Is Hormonal Birth Control?

Hormonal birth control methods change the balance of chemical messengers called hormones in your body.

Birth Control Pills

Birth control tablets are widely used and tolerated by the female population. They act by preventing your body from ovulating. Birth control pills not only prevent conception but also regulate your periods and lessen bleeding and pain. Among the other advantages are:

  • Control of menstrual migraines
  • Elimination of mittelschmerz (pain with ovulation)
  • Improvement in acne symptoms
  • Prevention of ovarian cysts

Minor side effects, such as headaches, nausea, irregular bleeding, and bloating, may fade after a month or two. A swelling leg or trouble breathing may suggest a blood clot in your leg (DVT) or lung (pulmonary embolism), which necessitates immediate medical intervention.


NEXPLANON is a progesterone-containing rod that inhibits ovulation. It is installed beneath the skin of your arm and has a three-year lifespan.


NuvaRing is a pliable ring that fits inside your vagina. After three weeks, you remove the ring, usually have a period, and then replace it.

IUD (intrauterine device)

An IUD is a type of flexible long-acting contraception (LARC).

One type of IUD carries the progesterone hormone, which affects the development of your uterine lining. As a result, following the initial settling down phase, you get very mild periods or no periods at all. After insertion, IUDs give protection for three or more years, and they come in a variety of sizes and progesterone concentrations. Schedule a consultation to discover which IUD is best for you.

In addition to hormonal IUDs, copper IUDs are accessible, which destroy sperm before they reach your egg. Copper IUDs have a 10-year lifespan.

What Are Barrier Methods of Birth Control?

Barrier methods of birth control actively block your partner’s sperm from contacting your egg, preventing conception. Barrier methods include the following:


Condoms are small, thin pouches that wrap the male penis and collect sperm during sex (cum). There are male and female condoms for you to choose from, and they perform similar functions.

Ideal Gynecology, LLC strongly advises using condoms during intercourse. Condoms are inexpensive and widely available, and they do not require a prescription. Most importantly, they are the only method of birth control that also aids in the prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STDs).

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