All the information you need to know about silage chopper in Kenya

Technologies haven’t been restricted to urban centers and industrial areas. When it comes to feeding cattle high-quality feeds, farmers have a say. Quality inputs lead to good results. Cutting high-quality silage requires the use of specialized machinery. The silage chopper comes in help in this situation.

This post will go into greater detail regarding the silage chopper, including its components, costs, applications, and drawbacks.

As a cross-economic machine, the silage chopper harvests fodder plants to produce forage, commonly known as silage. Maize stalks, hay, Napier grass, or corn have been sliced into tiny chunks and compressed into a silage bunker, then fed to livestock. All of them are provided to animals, such as poultry and livestock, as appropriate.


As a feed chopper, the silage chopper comprises several elements that operate together to cut silage into the proper sizes while cleaning the grass. The following are the parts:

Feed rollers and the feeder

The drum and the cutting chamber

Grind and sharpening units are part of the grinding door

The transfer unit

Crackers made of corn

The accelerator

The unit that discharges

The engine and the frame parts


Cutting silage necessitates different machinery depending on the type of hay. Silage choppers have a wide range of applications, depending on the type of hay they cut.

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Before harvesting, withering grass hay is cut and then collected by a collection header. Disc mowers, which have enormous blades that resemble saws or reciprocating knives, are used to cut the entire crop of maize and hay.

Cutting the hay into 5-76-millimeter pieces, the silage chopper adds enzymes, preservatives, mold inhibitors, and bacteria to speed up the fermentation process, which is done by using a cutter head or knife.

What it costs to use silage choppers

Factors such as the size, type, and quality affect the silage chopper prices in Kenya. The advent of internet shopping platforms has made it easier for consumers to find the information they need to make an informed purchase. The product description, characteristics and specs, and prices may be found here. In addition, there is a wide range of options.

Precision and patience are required when purchasing long-term equipment. Consult with a professional before making decisions on silage cutter prices in Kenya.

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Considerations to keep in mind while purchasing a silage chopper

Depending on how much hay you need to chop, you’ll have to buy different equipment. Cutting massive amounts requires a machine that is both fast and reliable; in essence, a more robust device than you would need for lesser charges.

It’s also crucial to keep things moving quickly. A fast-paced world necessitates that even tiny firms incorporate speed into their operations. When choosing a silage chopper, speed should be a primary consideration.

The type of hay being processed generally determines equipment heads. You should get a silage cutter based on the sort of fodder you have, whether it’s oats or wheat, or even maize.


There are many advantages to using silage chopping machinery. As a buyer, you need to think about what you need and why you need it before making a purchase decision. If you want the best, you may not care much about the price.

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