Guide to Choosing Foldable ladders in Kenya

Foldable ladders are here to stay and they come with a wide array of characteristics and conveniences. If you are considering making a purchase, this article will shed some light on important aspects of foldable ladders such as prices and important features. This is meant to help you to make a wise purchase.

We all face those moments when you just need to reach those high places. Whether you need to paint, change a bulb or retrieve something from the top shelf, ladders come in handy in these situations. Foldable ladders are especially convenient to use since they are highly portable.


Just like step ladders with large steps give stable footing. The light-weight of some foldable ladders also adds to their easy portability nature. The ladders may also come with a comfortable handgrip which makes carrying and climbingeasy. To ensure stability and security when in use the ladders are made with locking mechanisms that make them stable and secure but still easy to fold.

Some ladders are made of durable steel to make them stronger yet others are made of aluminium which, although weaker than steel are still durable and last long. Both materials can still carry a lot of weight so this should not be a cause for concern.

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Foldable ladder prices

For KSh 17,999, you can get a foldable steel ladder that is 141cm high when unfolded. For the same price, you can get an aluminium ladder with four steps that is 76cm high from another seller. Yet another seller sells a four-step aluminium ladder for KSh 6,999. When you consider second-hand ladders, the price can go as low as KSh 8,000 depending on who you are buying from.

Factors that influence the cost of foldable ladders

The pricing of the ladders varies mostly depending on the seller and the buying location. The material and size of the ladder may also influence the price. Another factor that can influence foldable ladder price in Kenya is whether the ladder is new or second-hand. Second-hand ladders tend to be cheaper depending on how old they are.

Shipping also influences the price of foldable ladders. Those shipped from abroad will attract higher shipping costs than the ones that are sourced locally. The distance between the seller and the buyer, especially in this era of online shopping is a big influence on the final ladder price.

Why you should own a foldable ladder

Aside from the portability aspects mentioned earlier, the ladders can easily be stored in narrow spaces when folded. You can store it under the bed, in your garage corner or in any convenient narrow space. In addition to aiding in reaching high places, foldable ladders make great display stands for books, flowers and various other items.

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A nice durable ladder is a convenient addition to your home. It will come in handy when doing your home projects such as painting fixing high shelves, changing bulbs, among others. One thing is for sure, you cannot regret this purchase.

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