Disabled Bathroom Layout: Why It Is Important?

A bathroom is primarily a place to wash one’s hands, but it may also provide other benefits. When constructing a restroom, it’s essential to keep in mind physically or age-disabled persons. Care must be taken to ensure the comfort of your handicapped or impaired visitors and clients while they are visiting you. It would help if your bathroom had a disabled bathroom layout that accommodates people with disabilities. Those with disabilities and the elderly need more assistance and attention to use the restroom. Hotels, shopping malls, movie theatres, and other public places often have this kind of restroom.

One in six Australians (about 4.4 million individuals) suffers from a disability. With this information, it’s clear how critical it is to design your bathroom with a disabled bathroom layout. The concern of limited mobility prompts even the most affluent individuals to upgrade their restrooms as they become older. As such, you should pay attention to the minor details when planning a restroom for someone with a disability. The supporting fixtures should be placed in the correct location. The fact that it’s an accessible changing places toilet doesn’t mean it has to be drab and dated. Incorporating the best of both worlds is possible with today’s technology.

Things to Check When Designing a Bathroom for the Disabled

The Bathroom

People with disabilities should be able to use the bathroom readily. From the spa area to the bathtub, grab bars should be installed throughout the bathroom. Internal components in the bathroom should be adjusted for height and breadth so that people may move freely. With a walk-in bathtub, getting in and out of a tub is a lot less cumbersome. It’s also critical to provide easy access to the health faucet. Temperature-controlled mixing valves should be installed in the bathtub, washbasins, and showerheads in the bathroom. This function prevents thermal shock and scalding.

Floors That Can Be Heated

Bathrooms should have heating coils installed beneath the flooring. After getting out of the tub, some elderly persons begin to shiver. They won’t be able to take a shower if you give them a heated floor. In addition, heated floors are a luxury addition to a bathroom.


Automatic opening and shutting mechanisms might be included in the toilets’ designs. When designing a handicapped bathroom, keep the intelligent toilet in mind. Lifting them from their seats will be easiest if the toilet is between 15 and 20 inches high. A wall-mounted toilet might make it easier to go in and out of the bathroom. To make things even easier, add toilet paper holders in front of the toilet seat. The use of a bidet increases a person’s level of independence and encourages them to practise good hygiene.

Anti-Slip Properties

Slip-resistant flooring should be installed in all bathrooms. A distinct damp and dry space helps disabled persons become more aware of their movement. The market is flooded with a wide variety of non-slip tiles in various colours.

Shower Stalls With Benches

Disabled folks may greatly benefit from a shower seat. Some individuals like shower chairs with wheels because they make getting in and out of the shower that much easier. One thing to keep in mind is to have shelves put on the wall at a suitable height for kids to reach. It is impossible to prevent getting wet in the shower. Thus having shower grips is a need. Even if your floors are anti-slip, it’s essential to keep this fixture in mind.

The Door Is Easily Accessible From the Outside.

The ideal option for these restrooms is a sliding door or an automated door. This is the ideal option for restrooms with automatic door closures.

To brighten the sink area, provide extra lights. Instead of putting cupboards beneath the sinks, keep the area for their seats open so that they can easily reach the sinks. In addition, specific sinks may be moved in any direction, including up and down, to find the most suitable position. This allows the user to come as near as possible to the gushing water. A person should be able to stand and sit on a chair to use the sink simultaneously.