Dishes that can be consumed during Muslim festival

If your are from Muslim religion and want to make some good dishes and you are organising a celebration than there are a lot of option of making tasty dishes

There are so many festival like ramzan month, Eid etc so on such days you can make some tasty dishes and add some more spark in your celebration

Some specific ingredients that are believed to be very auspicious in Muslim religion can be used is so many dishes and one of that Ingredients is Ajwa dates you can add. Ajwa dates in so many dishes as these days are also considered  as the holy dates in Islamic religion

Ajwa dates are the sort of dates that are mainly grown in Arabian countries especially in Saudi Arabia .

These are very much popular worldwide. There’s a hike in ajwa khajoor price which you can checkout in the market.

The variety of Ajwa dates found in dark brown color mainly but also found in black color as well

These dates have a fruity and soft texture along with wrinkles on its outer surface and they are found in a dry state with good and not so sweet taste.

The main difference between the Ajwa dates and other dates is that they are not very sweet but sour mostly

These Ajwa dates consist of carbohydrates , fibers, nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants etc

Because these Ajwa dates are very much rich in nutrients and fibers along with Vitamin, it helps to provide a lot of good health benefits and also good for brain functions.

Alwa dates have a special place in Islamic religion , according to Islamic religion ajwa dates are also known as holy dates. Ajwa amazon can be checked out easily

Ajwa dates have numerous benefits for good health maintenance along with good taste so its king odd to use such dates in your dishes.

There are some dishes that you can prepare such as

  • Biryani – It is very common food that is prepared during festivals but it is not coon in taste just like other food, biryani is one the food which is best in taste and liked by mostly everyone , you can also add layer of dry fruits on it and have it along with chutney and raita
  • Seviyan – It is one of the best sweet dishes that you can make. Its flavor , consistency is all you need on occasions. It just add more spark in your celebration, the cardamom taste will satisfy your taste buds
  • Sheer khurma – It is also a sweet dish having a topping of vermicelli and dry nuts with great taste . It is a pudding kind of dish
  • Mutton korma – It is also an appetite satisfying dish , it’s spiciness and flavors are just amazing
  • Nihari – It is a curry type of dish which is mainly served during breakfast it is not that heavy bit have great flavors and taste
  • Phirni – It is also a sweet dish made up from milk and rice and its taste elevated by nuts and kesar
  • Shahi tukda – it is also a sweet dish with great taste of saffron on it