Why Digital Marketing Is Important For Business Owners

The concept of digital marketing began to be actively used in the 90s of the last millennium. Since then, it has significantly expanded and made its own adjustments and rapid technological process. At the same time, not everyone interprets this term correctly and understands how to use it as efficiently as possible for business development.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a set of activities aimed at promoting goods and services using modern digital technologies. Often, this concept is mistakenly considered the same as Internet marketing. Although these are completely different terms, they still have common features and are interconnected. Digital marketing includes Internet marketing tools, but its scope is not limited to this, as it uses any digital means that are not always connected to the global network. The main channels include not only the Internet but also local networks, digital television, mobile devices, etc. Thus, digital marketing allows you to combine and use various online and offline tools for business development. 

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How digital marketing is carried out

The concept of digital marketing is very broad and includes Internet marketing in particular, but is not limited to the Internet.

It exists both online and offline. On the Web, it includes SEO promotion of web resources, contextual advertising (search, display, video advertising, in-app advertising, etc.), targeting, teaser advertising, as well as electronic mailings.

Offline it contains text messages, digital TV and digital radio, digital outdoor advertising, and QR codes.

Now we have a clear idea of ​​what digital marketing is – it is marketing that solves business tasks by using all the tools and media of electronic and digital types.

In the basic digital set online PR can also be included which is reputation management on the Internet by creating a positive info field of the company in the digital environment, Digital-art within the framework of branding works, etc.

Importance of digital marketing for business

When organizing a business, it is important to understand the mechanisms and possibilities of the digital environment and use all its advantages for business development. The importance of digital marketing for business is as follows:

  • Search and segmentation of the target audience

You can find a target audience for any business on the Internet. Not only that, digital marketing is a resource that allows you to find narrow audiences and create personalized messages for them. Old-school offline companies are used to advertising targeted at a wide audience, counting on the response of a certain percentage.

The digital environment allows not to broadcast one unique selling proposition for everyone, but to create several channels of interaction with the audience and maximally involve potential customers in the dialogue. This is what internet marketing agencies do.

  • Analytics and forecasting

Web analytics tools are the greatest asset of digital marketing. Thanks to them, almost every step of users in the digital environment can be tracked. This allows specialists of the Internet marketing agency to objectively and realistically assess the effectiveness of certain activities and channels, as well as to draw up an accurate portrait of the target client. Analytics allow you to keep your finger on the pulse and make real-time adjustments to make promotions more accurate and cheaper.

  • Wide audience coverage

Digital tools make it possible to attract an offline audience to an online market and vice versa, and the number of audiences that can be reached is practically unlimited.

  • Direct communication with the audience

Modern consumers want to be as involved as possible: express their opinion about products, services, and companies, want to share the consumer experience, offer their own solutions for the product, etc. They also like personalized brand communication. The digital environment offers a wide variety of channels and ways to build such communication with literally every consumer. And the Internet promotion team or digital marketer is a figure whose task is to find the right channel and use its potential to the maximum.

  • Flexibility. 

Digital marketing provides opportunities for combining offline and online spheres, and free transition between them. For example, you can specify the address of a website or an online store in an SMS message, and, conversely, place an announcement on the web resource about the date, time, and place of a seminar or master class.

Of course, it is impractical to use all the tools offered by the modern market of marketing services. It is important to draw up a development strategy in advance, identifying priority directions.


Digital marketing is a flexible, universal channel for communicating with customers and promoting the company. Thanks to it, you can reach and tell millions of users about your brand. In the modern business environment, digital marketing is one of the most effective ways to declare yourself, ensure long-term stable development of your business, withstand competition, and popularize your own product.

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