Find the Right Lingerie Based on your Body Shape

Finding lingerie can be challenging when your figure doesn’t quite resemble the mannequins or good models. If you are an apple, pear, or hourglass shape, you could be discouraged that you’ll never find the perfect intimate apparel set for you or that some styles are unavoidable. You’ve come to the right place if you’re having trouble deciding what kind of personal clothing you want to buy. We will guide you to find the best intimate clothing for your body type.

Once you know the type of lingerie that fits you best you can shop online from the Illusions Lingerie Store. You will get a variety of bras, loungewear, shapewear, sleepwear, briefs, and everyday essentials at the store to accommodate every body type and fashion preference. They provide fittings in the Melbourne location and ship across Australia from their online store.

Lingerie according to body shape 

Apple Shape 

The apple body type is a curvy woman with wide hips and enormous breasts. Your intimate clothing will highlight all your favourite body parts if it has curves in all the right places. A babydoll dress or chemise can highlight your bust and long legs, while shapewear can help to accentuate your contours and create a sleek, beautiful silhouette. Put on undergarments that lengthen your physique.

Rectangular shape

Women with rectangular shapes have moderate curves and are slender. Choose a push-up brassiere to accentuate your bust line and create lots of dramatic curves. Boyshorts or ruffled underwear flatter a body type that is rectangular with a narrow bottom. A corset or bustier would go well with a garter belt if you are a woman with long legs and a rectangular body since it accentuates your curves while emphasising your long-legged appearance.

Banana shape

Banana body types should choose longline bras or bralettes since they are longer at the waist and stretch one to two inches further than other types of brassieres. The extra fabric isn’t only appealing, but it also makes it easier to fill the body shape without using a soft brassiere.

Triangular shape

If you are triangle-shaped, your shoulders are narrower than your hips, the best thing to do is make your body type look more balanced and proportionate. A lacy negligee that drapes down around the hips but is tight around the bust may be a lovely option. Additionally, wearing a bustier will highlight your breasts. Alternatively, you may try the same look with a bandeau bra that balances your shoulders and hips and some ruffled underwear. Always combine the right lingerie with good knickers.  Knotty Knickers is an online women’s underwear subscription that delivers cute and affordable Knickers. Knotty Knickers has a variety of styles, fabrics, and colors that are different every month.  Therefore, you’ll be able to have a variety of underwear to choose from depending on the workout you’re doing. With Knotty Knickers, all women are able to buy cute and high-quality underwear without breaking the bank.

Pear shape 

A pear-shaped physique has a modest bust line, a curved waist, and wide hips. A good search for the pear-shaped form can be a two-piece undergarment set with a lacy push-up bandeau and matching little skirt or two-piece. It draws attention to your bust line’s curvature and highlights your waist’s slimness. Avoid wearing boy shorts since their horizontal cut gives your hips, thighs, and bottom a broader appearance.

Hourglass shape

An hourglass-shaped physique has a tiny waist and a bust and hips that are both curvaceous. A bustier or corset is fashionable because it draws emphasis to your naturally curvy body. When wearing a babydoll dress, consider one with a see-through front or an opening to highlight your attractive breast and hips and trim waist. Consider wearing a halter-top teddy or a plunging brassiere to highlight your curvaceous bust line.

Hope this information makes your shopping much easier. Check out Illusions Lingerie store for more options. You can also follow them on Instagram for their latest collections and prices.

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