Tips for handling a leaky basement

Homeowners with a leaky basement often lock its door and feel safe. They think, “I have locked it up, why should I be worried?” You should know that the moisture in your basement can lead to several problems.

This moisture rises and reaches the upper floors of your home. This causes your home to have a mildew smell.

It is very important to address this problem in your basement. If you do not take this problem seriously, you risk everybody’s life. The damp environment becomes the breeding ground for the growth of allergens, molds, mites, and other harmful bacteria. These microorganisms can cause harm to your health.

Home is a very big investment, so you should take care of it. As soon as you know about dampness in your basement, you should at once be up and doing. This will prevent the negative impact. Moreover, it will give you peace of mind and satisfaction and make your home a safe place to live.

Causes of moisture in the basement:

In order to rectify the moisture problem in your basement, it is important to understand how the water is reaching there. There are a few causes:

  • Interior leakage of water. It can be from the sink, shower, toilet, dishwasher, etc.
  • Rainwater can also seep through into your basement. This happens because of poor grading. If draining is not done in the right direction, water starts seeping through your basement wall.
  • If the gutters or downspouts in your locality are missing or not working properly, water is directed towards your home or basement. As water drains towards your foundation, it will make its way into your basement.
  • Cracks in walls, around doors, and windows provide the perfect condition for water leakage.

Moisture in basement… Warning Sign!

As soon as you notice moisture in your basement, don’t keep waiting. Do something about it. If this moisture is left unchecked, it will shake your home’s foundation.

The moisture there can damage your belongings. Just remove all your belongings from the basement. And let it dry completely.

Tips for handling leaky basement

After talking about the causes of leakage, let’s discuss preventive measures. Following are the methods of basement waterproofing:


These preventive measures are followed to prevent the leakage of water. You can use this method when you identify an existing leakage problem. This includes caulking, sealants, and methods for preventing condensation.


These comprise different methods that prevent water from entering your basement. The very first step is- Get a gutter installed. The rainwater then simply goes into the gutter without rushing here and there. You can also use sealant on the exterior wall of the house.

Drain tile:

It is the most effective and expensive method. You can resolve the issue of dampness in your basement with drain tiles. Basically, it is a perforated pipe with holes in it that keeps water away from your house and helps keep basements dry and in good condition.

To handle your basement in an efficient and professional way, hire experts to do the job.