Five Fantastic Features Of PDFs

We are in the second decade of using the “Portable Document Format”, more popularly known as PDFs, and this file format is more popular than ever. The advent of technology has made almost all of our documentation online, which is preferably shared in the format of PDFs. 

Why are PDFs still relevant today? PDFs are the most versatile and widely used file formats because of the unique features they offer. Let us explore a few features of PDFs that make them win the race over other file formats.

1. Secure

PDFs are the most trusted document formats because they can be password protected. This encryption saves them from falling into the wrong hands who can misuse the information present in the file. Access to passwords is given to only those who are responsible and need that information.

2. Compression

Often, the files that have images, tabular content, or graphical content, are large. You can resize PDF according to your requirements and can easily share them across different platforms. PDFSimpli is one of the best PDF compressor online that help you reduce the size of the file.

3. Consistent

The fact that the content of PDFs remains constant and intact across different platforms makes them super reliable. Sharing PDFs does not mess up the content of PDFs. They are compatible with almost all browsers, operating systems, and applications, and can be easily viewed on any of them in the same format. 

4. e-Signing Feature

The covid-19 pandemic taught us the importance of everything electronic. The e-Signing feature of PDFs is an important one in this digital era. It is as valid as the physical signature on a document. This feature can save a lot of time and paper. There is also encryption technology involved in many PDF readers and viewers, to ensure authenticity and security. 

5. Complete Control

PDFs are read-only files. To edit them, you need to use PDF editors like PDFSimpli, which means if you edit them, the change can be easily spotted. This gives complete control and visibility in this file format.


PDFs were first introduced in the year 1993 and were made an open standard in the year 2008. Since then, this file format has been used extensively in all fields. The soaring popularity is not ceasing anytime soon, because of the fantastic features it offers. There is no doubt that PDFs make our documentation seamless and perfect.