How to Enhance Motivation among Teams?

For a leader, it’s a great responsibility to be consistently involved in making imperishable strategies for motivation among employees. The consequences of demotivation cannot be overlooked as the impacts are drastic. There are several points at which a person loses motivation, including failure. Other factors for demotivation involve excess workloads, lack of progression, lack of management, boredom, and a detrimental working environment. Demotivation of employees directly impacts their productivity and efficiency. Even a single demotivated employee can affect the overall team performance, which leads to the creation of a negative working culture. Leaders like Raymond Stone Toronto and Richard Branson reflect their constructive endeavors in their passion. Raymond Stone Toronto is an entrepreneur who founded a healthcare distribution company Futuremed HealthCare Products.

Ways to Boost Motivation

Motivational leaders are the ones who boost the enthusiasm and motivation of the subordinates. They are responsible for the push factor that lets the employees reach new heights of success. They effectively set a clear goal and empower the team towards success. Although there are many ways by which a leader can motivate their team members, which are listed as follows:

  • Effectively share the organizational goals

The perception of a member depends on what they feel about their goals. If they are omniscient about goals, their vision becomes a major source of motivation. Effective sharing of common organizational goals promotes a sense of shared dignity. This also ensures the employees are positive towards their values and mission.

  • Active communication 

Active communication comprises both speaking and listening skills. Communication strengthens the relationship between the leader and team members. It makes the team members feel more empowered when their words are equally listened to and admired. It develops a sense of belongingness which motivates them to effectively participate in team activities.

  • Make the team members feel appreciated.

Outside the normal job responsibilities, there should be a strong bond between the leader and team members. Research suggests that a team’s performance is enhanced when its members believe, respect, and appreciate them. Celebration for even a small scale success can motivate them to put their best efforts into the work.

  • Encourage taking challenges

The team members should be asked for their suggestions and solutions. A leader should provide consistent feedback upon work completion. This develops a feeling of being challenged among team members. They are motivated to partake in healthy competition. They start to escalate their efficiency and deliver higher performance.

  • Provide a good working environment

A favorable working environment has active employees. It is significantly responsible for raising their performance by making them feel better and more comfortable in their workplace. The leader should ensure making the environment mentally and physically safe for them so that they should remain out of anxiety due to workloads.


Employees are the essential resource for the company. To maintain the spirit of employees, every leader responsibly ensures that they are motivated towards their own and the company’s progress. They significantly formulate motivation strategies for them.