Best Sheer Mineral Sunscreen For Face – How Much Is Enough?

The Best sheer mineral sunscreen for face is very effective at protecting you against sun damage like wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and fine lines, but if you’re new to it, you might need some guidance on how much to use. You should forget everything you might already know about applying chemical sunscreens, as it’s an entirely different animal.

With a much thicker consistency, you only need to apply a small amount, which for the face and neck area, should be no more than ½ teaspoon. Try and use the normal amount and all you’ll be left with is a thick, white, sticky mess that you can’t get rid of!

The same principle – ie. less is more – is used when applying mineral sunscreen to the body, with just 1 teaspoon required for each arm, 2 teaspoons for your torso and two more for each leg. Stick to these rough amounts and you should have no problems.

How to Apply the Best Sheer Mineral Sunscreen For Face

There is a trick to knowing how much mineral sunscreen on, practically speaking and while a shot glass-worth is what they recommend, who’s gonna carry one around with them, right? So, here’s a few ways to ensure that you get it spread around properly.

  • Apply it in layers – a good way to ensure you’re protected without mess is to apply your mineral sunscreen in layers, with another thin coat being applied roughly 20 minutes after the first. The second coat should concentrate on the most sunburn-prone areas, like the nose and cheeks.
  • Cover as much of your skin as you can – using dots the size of pea every couple of inches, you should do your best to cover your whole skin. Also be sure to massage in the best sheer mineral sunscreen for face until it has completely disappeared.
  • Keep rubbing to get rid of white cast – while sheer sunscreens are designed to become transparent, they do need to be worked into the skin, so if it’s white to begin with, you’ll see it start to become less white quite quickly with a regular, circular motion. 

You’re protected immediately after applying mineral sunscreen and the experts say that you should be putting on another application after 2-3 hours. Please note though, that this does vary depending on whether you’re sweating or swimming (drop it to every 1.5-2 hours if you are). 

The Best Sheer Mineral Sunscreen For Face Have You Covered!

Please forgive the pun in the heading above, but that’s essentially what we’re talking about with mineral sunscreen – making sure you’re covered. Anyone who’s only ever used chemical sunscreen is much more likely to put too much on, which causes its own issues. 

However, once you’ve got the knack of applying mineral-based sun cream and understand what kind of consistency you’re working with, it becomes much easier to know when you’re over applying. 

There’s a reason why mineral sunscreens are becoming more popular every year and it’s because the skin is much better protected by something that offers a physical barrier, rather than conditioning the skin to turn the sun’s rays into heat – like chemical sunscreens are designed to do.

Try it today and enjoy the many benefits it offers.