Quintrex 350 Explorer & Yamaha Outboards

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Quintrex has added three new sizes to its Explorer line of bass-and-barra style punts, each with the more great room, freeboard, and the new Quintrex F-Series forked bow form.

The latest Quintrex Explorer models raise the overall number of Quintrex Explorer models to twelve. The boats currently range from the 250 Explorer car topper to the 440 Explorer Trophy bass, barra, and dream chaser with premium equipment. In this article, let’s talk about the features of Quintrex 350 Explorer and Yamaha Outboards.

About Quintrex 350 Explorer

The Quintrex 350 Explorer features a completely flat deck and is a popular choice among freshwater and estuary fishers in the Explorer tinnie family.

The Quintrex 350 Explorer & Yamaha outboards are intended for stability at rest, making for easy days on the water. It’s also affordable, sturdy, and simple to deal with. While underway and in turbulent waters, the Eclipse hull combines the stability of a typical V-nosed stake with the handling of a V-shaped hull. Thanks to the V-nose design, the wide beam may be extended forward to the bow, which adds stability and helps disperse turbulent water.

Features of Quintrex 350 Explorer

1. Value for Money and Equipment

Surf Coast Marine on the Gold Coast has boat-and-engine packages starting at $5490 if you decide that car-topping is the way to go. An Evinrude 15hp four-stroke outboard with manual start and tiller steering is included, as well as a coastal safety gear kit and a 12-month boat registration. With registrations, the price climbs to $7290 with a single-axle, unbraked, galvanized steel Quintrex trailer.

The boat’s standard features include a bow and stern carry handle, a double towing eye for attaching a safety chain in inclusion to the winch strap/cable, welded, reinforced rowlock blocks, a V-shaped internal transom form with diagonal support brace, the aforementioned over-sized bench seat-thwarts (380mm wide), and a total of seven internal cross-ribs, four of which rise up to the gunwale from the internal chines.

1. Layout and Design

The seat-thwarts are permanently welded between the four vertical ribs to reinforce the hull and give structural support and rigidity. For a quieter, more pleasant ride, noise-dampening foam strips have been added to the backs of the cross-ribs to prevent squeaks and rattles.

A useful glove box is built into the forward seat for storing car keys, cell phones, and other items. Two flip-out drink holders are also included in the package. The 350 Outback Explorer’s bow featured a broad, reinforced foredeck with plenty of room on the shelf underneath for a sufficient anchor and rode.

2. Construction

Quintrex has many purpose-built car-topper boats in its extensive boat range, so the Outback Explorer versions are built with a heavier sturdy build.

To that purpose, the Outback boats include 1.6mm pressed alloy (rather than the lighter 1.2mm), an internal cross-rib matrix, an external keel, a short, welded foredeck, transom-corner gussets, and welded (rather than riveted) seat-thwarts.


Quintrex’s 350 Outback Explorer is yet another fantastic new tinny. Consider adding this ripper new gear to your shortlist if you’re searching for a heavy-duty vehicle topper, low-maintenance tender, or a budget trailer boat fishing package.

We’d add the optional floor and sidebars for fishing, but it’s otherwise ready to go. The boat is well-behaved, safe, steady, and roomy on the water. It’s a practical, good-times-having-a-good-times-having-a-good-times-having-a-good-times-having-a-good-times-having-a-good-


A glove box, bow handle, sturdy corners, bench seats, transom handles, rowlock blocks, anchor gusset, and a front deck are all included in the 350 all-rounders. This 350 Explorer tinnie is as tough as easy to use, guaranteeing years of river and creek exploration.