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In late October, Huawei held an event in which it unveiled two new smartphones, a camo-sized earbuds, and a Huawei Watch GT 3 smart watch. As is easy to guess, the ultimate replaces last time’s Huawei Watch GT 2/ GT 2 Pro model. The watch isn’t yet available for trade, it’ll appear in Europe on November 21, and in some places not before than December. Still, we were lucky to test it before. Also the Watch GT3 has a lot further convenience, if we compare the fairly precious Huawei Watch 3 with the lately introduced one (from$ 370). Rather of pottery, the aft panel is plastic, has no SIM support (you can talk on the phone, but the watch must be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth), significantly reduced RAM, removed some functions has gone But the battery life of the Watch GT 3 is better. Now presenting huawei gt3 watch price and along with detailed features here.

Positioning and price

Huawei Watch GT 3 replaces last time’s Huawei Watch GT 2. The design has changed a bit ( button crown rather of two crowns, and the crown now moves in reality and allows you to control the digital crown wheel-suchlike interface in the Apple Watch), the screen size slightly Increased bit, LiteOS has been replaced by further ultramodern HarmonyOS, detectors have bettered, GPS is more accurate.

How the Design quality matter

As you can see, we tested a beautiful interpretation of the gold case with a gold band ( thin, flexible). Obviously, this design was made with women in mind. The same is true of the white leather swatch model. But the black swatch option made of polymer material is also suitable for men if they don’t want a bigger watch. Indeed a 42 mm watch is big enough for a woman’s hand. 46 mm will look bigger. And it’s a millimeter thick and a little heavy. In fact, for this reason, the 46 mm interpretation has no gold-the case is black or” sword”, the swatch is made of polymer, leather or essence. Leather, by the way, is natural, shin skin.

Inside, each model is the same- memory, processor, software, etc. In addition to the battery The larger 46 mm case made it possible to install a further able battery.

Huawei Watch GT 3 attractions

The watch looks beautiful. You can see that this is a precious contrivance that inherits the tradition of classic watches. I like my Apple Watch, but I cannot help but admit that it looks like a toy next to the. Yes, of course there’s the Apple Watch in the gold case and you can buy the same Melanie Loop, but the effect will be lost due to the form factor.

As I noted, the timepiece is ticking. Indeed” womanish”42 mm in size. So if you do not like big watches, this isn’t for you. I indeed had conversations with people on social networks, and someone made fun of me by saying that the Watch GT 3 is too big and does not look right on my hands.

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