Famous Traditional Gold Jewellery Designs from Hand to Toe and Belief Behind their Wearing

A woman is incomplete without wearing her traditional gold jewellery. On every occasion, people love to wear jewellery as it is part of a tradition and gives a complete look to the attire. When a girl gets married, she gets all kinds of jewellery from her parents and the dear one. Gold is always an asset and a great investment that can help you in your bad times. Hence, everyone loves to invest in gold and buy the latest gold jewellery designs for themselves and other family members almost famous cast.

But do you know that wearing a piece of jewellery has many other scientific benefits related to your body? It is a belief that every piece of jewellery adds some value to your body. The pieces of jewellery are worn on various parts of the body that can in maintaining blood pressure, heart rate, and much more. Many think that wearing their traditional gold jewellery brings good luck and prosperity to the house.

Let us look at the famous traditional gold jewellery from hand to toe and its importance.

1. Hand Jewellery

To make the hand look more beautiful, there are various types of jewellery worn by the ladies. They wear gold kadas, bangles (gold, silver, glass), bracelets, hathphool, etc. Every tradition has its kind of bangles like in Maharashtrian jewellery, woman wears set of green bangles on every special occasion, Punjabi woman wear chooda made of plastic, Rajasthani’s love to wear chooda made of Lakh, etc.

Hathphool, mostly worn in Rajasthan, is a beautiful piece of hand jewellery in which rings on each/single finger are attached with bracelet.

Bajubandh, an armlet, is another piece of hand jewellery to be worn around the upper arm by the woman almost famous.

It is a belief that hand jewellery helps in maintaining the blood circulation of the body and channelizes the positive energy to pass through her outer skin from all over the body.

2. Waist Jewellery

Known as waist belt, belly belt, or kamarbandh, is a festive ornament worn by the various communities on their special occasions and ceremonies. It is worn around the waist over the saree to hold it up in place.

It is a belief that it helps in maintaining an hourglass figure without any pain and prevents one from gaining fat in the waist area.

3. Feet Jewellery

The beautiful feet of the woman look more beautiful by wearing these beautiful pieces of feet jewellery. The different types of feet jewellery worn by a woman are payal (anklet) and bhichiya (toe ring). An anklet is a string made of gold or silver decorated with different designs and stones or tinkling bells, worn around the feet. It comes in different sizes, designs and is famous for the tinkling bells attached to it. When a woman walks, the beautiful sound of the Jhanjhar wins everyone’s heart.

It is a belief that this beautiful piece of jewellery re-vibrates the energy to the body of the wearer, regulates blood circulation, and aid in curing swollen heels.

Another one is a toe ring, worn on the toe fingers. It is mostly worn by a married woman and the scientific reason behind wearing a toe ring is it helps in regulating the menstrual cycle as the nerves of the toes are connected to the uterus and pass through the heart.

Other Gold Jewellery