Which One To Choose: Wonderfold Wagon w4 or w2? 

Wonderfold Wagon always comes as a great blessing to new parents. Babies require quite a lot of things, and parents always make sure it is the most excellent one; Wonderfold Wagon is one such thing too! Families love to stumble upon the Wonderfold Wagon cart and enjoy its incredible ride. 

If you have more than one kid, then this wagon cart might be the best option for you, be it w2 or w4. Here, we have bogged down a few things that’ll help you to choose between w2 or w4 wagon carts. This article will cover the in-depth details about both. Well, undoubtedly, the choice is always yours in the end.

Adjustable and Cozy Seats 

Undeniably, the most crucial aspect of a stroller is its seats. The seats in Wonderfold wagon w2 or w4 are highly adaptable and comfy that’ll surely leave you in a state of exhilaration. 

The seats can easily be removed, giving you an outstanding and easy folding and unfolding technique. Also, they can be arranged as per your need. However, it is best to position the seats to face to face so that your kids can relish a pleasant ride without indulging in sibling quarrels. What can be better than this?  


As the name certainly suggests, lodging is the most prominent difference between the two. Wonderfold wagon w4 is a 4-seat wagon that can fit four kids at a time, while w2 can only accommodate two kids. 

Both the carts can hold an extra child in it or even fewer kids, but the seats have certain weight limits defined, which you’ll have to take care of. 

Weight Capacity 

The weight limit defined for each and every seat is 33 pounds. Wonderfold wagon w2 is a stroller with two seats hence one seat can generally hold up to 33 pounds. However, w4 has four seats, as mentioned earlier, so you can roll in four kids, each of 33 pounds. This ultimately gives you a terrific option of fitting a bigger child into one seat. 

Here, w4 becomes a tremendous option and can become a great investment as it can fit a bigger child too because of its high weight capacity. However, if you don’t mind changing wagons every now and then, w2 will ace the job too. 


Another big difference between w2 and w4 all-terrain strollers is the dimensions they carry. Since w4 can hold up to four kids at a time, it ought to have a greater width as compared to w2.

Moreover, with a canopy included, the w4 is approximately 2 inches higher than the w2.  

Furthermore, the wheels of the Wonderfold Wagon w4 are more distinguished and thicker as they are designed to carry more weight as compared to w2. The most interesting fact about the all-terrain strollers is their portability. They’re handy and transportable.  


With kids trekking and drifting around you, you always need some extra space and storage to let go of so many extra things you carry for your kids. Baby essentials are extremely crucial and you just can’t leave the house without them. The all-terrain wagon w4 has got you covered incredibly. 

The storage in both the wagons is almost the same with pockets and spaces at the sides and front. However, Wonderfold Wagon w4 has an additional basket attached to it which is also removable. You can certainly use it to keep things like diapers, bottles, tissues, etc. Problem solved! Isn’t it? 


Strollers with a handlebar are merely a considerable boon. Another discrepancy between the two in their old models is the handlebar. However, detachable and adjustable handlebars are now fitted to render parents a hassle-free ride with their kids wherever they want. 

Additionally, the Wonderfold wagon w2 and w4 come with pull buckles tailored at the front side of the wagon carts to allow easy pulling that is pleasant and loved by all. The pull straps are also removable and can be removed and refitted effortlessly. 


Like every other feature out there, the ride is another vital feature that parents look for when buying a stroller. Wonderfold all-terrain wagons come with an amazing ride experience that is cherished by everyone and suits every family. 

Both the all-terrain strollers successfully provide a smooth ride with a one-step brake system. Super cool and easy! Isn’t it? Be it a picnic or a walk in the mall, these wagons will certainly pull off well everywhere.


Well, we have now made the disparities and similarities quite clear between the two so that you can easily choose the best stroller for kids. Now that you are well aware of the cool features these wagons come with, it is now pretty easy for you to make the right choice that suits your family. However, the decision is always yours in the end because you know your babies better than anyone else.