12 important things need to have in your emergency car kit

If you are planning for a road trip, then you might be facing a flat tire or breakdown and it might be considered a frightening situation when it occurs if you are a distance from the roadhouse or nearest town. Mobile technology and GPS are really useful to be made your travel easier and safer but still, you might be facing some issues while traveling. If you planning to drive Skoda Octavia while traveling then you must have some necessary kit which includes


If you are looking to get an uninterrupted journey to your desired destination then surely you must have a sufficient amount of water because you might not know what will happen on road so try to take water reserves in your emergency car kit.

Jumper cable 

It is considered a permanent emergency kit and it is offering massive numbers of benefits to people. It ensures that you can easily fix your dead battery without facing any kinds of issues.

First aid kit 

It could be an obvious car safety kit but people underestimate the importance of this emergency kit. If you are traveling with your kid then you must have sufficient first aid kits like cold packs, bandages, antiseptic, hand sanitizer, non-latex gloves, and eye wash.

Spare Tyre & Jack 

If you are looking to minimize the weight of your car so you might be pulling it out to just free up your space then you might have struggled a lot so try to have a spare tire.


You might not know how long you might be waiting for your roadside assistance so you must take snacks. In a stressful situation, you must keep your kid quiet so you can give snacks to them. As per weather conditions, you might be able to keep some snacks in your car at all times.

Phone charger 

Most cars like Skoda Octavias is having mobile phone integration which means it might charge when you plugged in once the ignition is on. Suppose your car might not come with these features then it is always the best idea for buying a phone charger so you might plug it into a cigarette lighter.

Car Manual 

If you are completely new to riding a car then you can take advantage of the car manual and it is really useful when you drive in bad weather.

Reflective triangle 

It is considered the most important emergency kit because it helps to alert oncoming traffic of your presence on side of the road. It keeps you safer when you are looking to wait for roadside assistance.

Road map book 

If you are in an isolated area or black spot then using a road map book is the perfect choice for you.

Tow rope 

Suppose your car tire is not working properly then a tow could be a perfect choice. It’s just like jumper cables.

Air compressor 

It is the ideal option for off-road driving and you must invest in the high-quality air compressor.

Prepare for the weather 

If you are traveling in a new place then you must prepare for the weather so you must consider specific things like a rain poncho, jumper, sunscreen, hats, and other warm clothing.