3 Reasons Cider Has Become the Drink of Summer

The sun comes out and most people will reach for a summery drink. It’s time to be honest because a significant number of people will go for cider over any other. Perhaps you’re in this group. We want to talk about why cider now has this reputation and why it’s particularly popular when the sun’s shining.

Reason 1: Versatility

It doesn’t matter what you eat, everything seems to go down well with cider. Cider with a BBQ – tick. Cider with a salad – tick again. Its crisp acidity and natural sweetness complement dishes without overpowering them. As a culinary accompaniment, it’s the chameleon of the beverage world, adapting to the nuances of the meal much like its grape-based counterpart, wine.

We’re not just talking plain either because you can blend cider with other drinks. It’s not just about mulled cider in winter – cider-based cocktails are a favourite during the hotter months. Cider offers a novel twist to classic drinks, such as the Cider Sangria, or concoctions that have been specifically created to highlight the bold or subtle flavours of the cider.

Reason 2: Flavour Innovation

Cider and apples are like strawberries and cream, like winter Sundays and relaxing under the blanket. Modern cider aficionados are exploring a multitude of exotic and familiar flavours, from berries and cherries to seasonal spices and even hops. The result is a continuously expanding palette of cider choices, each one as unique as the next.

Craft cider makers are at the forefront of flavour innovation, challenging the status quo and pushing the boundaries with locally sourced, artisanal ingredients. The craft is now appreciated again as we all look for the best cider around. Smaller names are getting just as much attention as larger ones.

Reason 3: Health Benefits

Sometimes we just need to do what’s right by our bodies and beer isn’t always it. Cider is a welcome alternative to beer. It also often boasts a lower sugar content compared to some mass-produced alcopops or mixers, making it a healthier choice for those conscious of their sugar intake.

With a growing focus on healthy living and natural products, cider’s image as a ‘healthier’ alcoholic drink has certainly contributed to its grow popularity. The perception that cider is more ‘natural’ is further supported by the use of whole fruit, or at least some form of fruit juice, as an ingredient.


There’s just something about sipping on cider in the summer months – it feels refreshing and earned after work. It feels like a nice reward after working on the garden or doing chores indoors. Its growing association with local produce and artisanal craftsmanship offers a connection to the earth and to the communities that cultivate it. Whether enjoyed under the sun at a picnic, at a barbeque, or alongside a gourmet meal, cider is more than just a drink – it’s an experience.

Cider is a solid choice for all in the warmer months and we recommend giving it a go. Buy apple cider, buy fruity cider, buy all the cider you want!