Exploring the History and Heritage of De Bortoli Prosecco

Drinking a glass of wine is a way to celebrate any special moment. However, alcohol enthusiasts have their own choice of wine brands to get the best experience. The sparkling wine, such as Prosecco wine holds a significant value in the winemaking industry. De Bortoli is a prominent winemaker providing you with an amazing collection of Prosecco wines. The wine production company was established by Vittorio De Bortoli in 1924. Today, this brand has a considerable reputation in the Australian wine industry. It had a goal of developing a zero-waste winery and took some sustainability measures for its business.

History and heritage of Prosecco wine

Prosecco wine had its origin in Northwestern Italy, and it was named after an Italian village, Prosecco. This wine was once popular only in Italy, and in 2000, it entered other markets. It witnessed a quick sale within a few years. Originally, there was just a single version of the Prosecco wine. Producers used grapes of the same name to make the wine. However, today, they use other grapes, such as Glera grapes.

There are some rules to brewing Prosecco wines, and without these rules, the winemakers cannot maintain the authenticity of the drink. Prosecco wine goes through a second fermentation process to incorporate the yeast. Though both Prosecco and Champagne are sparkling wines, the production process is different. Winemakers use different grape varieties for these wines. While the Charmat method allows Prosecco production, Champagne needs to undergo a traditional process.

De Bortoli provides various types of Prosecco wines:

Depending on your tastes, you can choose a variety of Prosecco wine.

Divici Prosecco – Divici Prosecco is made from Glera grapes grown in Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Veneto. It was a highly popular grape variety during the Roman age. Divici Prosecco is easily identifiable with its pale yellow color and fruity notes. The drink will remind you of green apples and peaches. There is also a combination of some floral notes of roses and acacias. The well-balanced acidity is one of the traits of the drink.

De Bortoli Prosecco – This drink looks different, as it has green hues. Those who love the fruity notes of pear and green apples can experience this wine. Most wine lovers prefer the fine bubbles of De Bortoli Prosecco.

De Bortoli Prosecco Rose – With a love fragrance, the pinkish wine has notes of pomegranates and wild strawberries. The fine bubbles and creamy flavors make the wine more drinkable.

Prosecco is no longer just an Italian wine. Grapes are cultivated in Slovenia and even Australia’s King Valley. De Bortoli is an Australian company that has gained fame as the Prosecco winemaker. The light, refreshing drink gives you fun with fruity notes. You may pair it with your delicious brunch. The sweetness of the drink has different levels ranging from Brut to Demi-Sec.

So, try out the Prosecco wine of the Australian winemaker to cheer up the mood. De Bortoli has a collection of other types of wine.