5 Best Websites To Follow For Class-10 Mathematics Exam

Class 10 is an important phase in every student’s life. Class 10 gives students a chance to decide their career path. Getting good marks in this class matters. Mathematics is challenging; it’s no less than a nightmare for many students. Class 10 Mathematics syllabus is vast and dreaded by many students. However, one can score good marks in these subjects by following lectures, practicing sample papers, and revising maths formulas.

After the Covid 19 pandemic, many students prefer learning from online study material instead of attending coaching classes. Online learning provides them with the convenience of studying from their home and saves their travel time for attending coaching classes. 

Here are the five best websites and youtube channels from which students can get the best quality study material for free.

Physics Wallah’s Website and App

Physics Wallah needs no introduction anymore. Physics Wallah is known for providing the best quality education at affordable prices. They have their youtube channel with the name Physics Wallah Foundation. You can learn class 10 mathematics, science, and all other subjects here. 

With this youtube channel, they have their website and app too. 

For free, you can download Class 10 sample papers and previous year’s question papers from their website. With this, you will get NCERT Solution for Class 10 Maths and ML Aggarwal Solution. If you want, you can join their Physics Wallah’s Udan Batch at only 999 rupees. In this course, they will complete Class 10 mathematics, science, social science, Hindi, NTSE & MAT. This batch follows the CBSE pattern, but if students have doubts, they can ask in live lectures.

Topper Learning

Topper Learning is another platform referred to by many educational experts. It offers educational material from Classes 1 to 12. Topper Learning covers the CBSE board and other boards, including ICSE and State Boards, which also provide study material for many national and international exams. The drawback of this site is that the courses price are relatively high, and it provides video lectures for only Class 9th and 10th. 


Byju’s is India’s biggest EdTech Company. It has a good reputation among students and is suggested by many experts. The site offers various study materials and NCERT Solutions for Classes 1 to 12. You can download sample papers and previous year’s questions for free just by registering on their website. Undoubtedly Byju offers one of the best course materials in video graphics form. The drawback of this site is that they do not provide live lectures. And their student support system is not up to the mark. The course prices are also costly.


Like Physics Wallah and Byju, Vedantu is also one of the biggest Educational firms in the country. It also provides NCERT Solutions and other educational materials to the students. Vedantu mainly focuses on JEE Mains and NEET exam preparation. They provide various services to the students, like live lectures, one-to-one live classes, and courses for kids. The Vedantu course price starts from 9000, which is higher than Physics Wallah.

Tiwari Academy

Tiwari academy is also known for its NCERT Solutions. We have chosen this because this site is easy to navigate. Students are redirected from one topic to another. You can select any NCERT Solution and then redirect to the subjects; the same process repeats for chapters and exercises as well. This site does not provide any video lectures or live classes. The advantage is that it provides all the study material free of cost.


In Class 10th, students get to learn five to six subjects and spend most of their time learning and practicing mathematics. But with good study material, they can focus on all other subjects. These are some of the best sites available for school students. These sites provide students with NCERT Solution for Class 10, sample papers, previous year question papers, and other study materials. 

If you ask me for a recommendation, I will advise you to follow Physics Wallah’s youtube channel and, if possible, enroll yourself in Physics Wallah’s Udaan batch. This batch is specially designed for class 10 students. 

Author Bio: I’m Maitree Choube and I am a Teacher working for Physics Wallah, one of the leading ed-tech platforms in India. I am passionate about teaching students and writing and have been in this field for 10+ years.