5 Common Reasons for Aggression in Feline Pets

Cat aggression isn’t a laughable matter. While her purrs are adorable, sudden bites are more than annoying for cat owners. Apart from the painful wounds, cat bites can transmit various infections and diseases to humans. So you may fear the abrupt attack and reflect on how many more times it can happen to you again.

It would help if you talked to your vet to understand unpredictable cat aggression as your aggressive cat may lead you to potential dangers or hurt herself or others. With the help of pet insurance NZ, your fur baby is covered for regular vet checkups, accidents, injuries, sickness, and other health emergencies. Purchase cat insurance to provide your kitty with quality health care at economical costs.

While pet insurance protects your kitty, paying attention to some of the warning signs of cat aggression may help you guard yourself against uninvited troubles.

What are the telling signs of cat aggression?

  1. The key lies in identifying the subtle signs your cat is giving before pouncing on you out of nowhere. Look out for any changes in the body position that wave a red flag. Likewise, her postures may hint at the cause of her aggressive behaviour.
  2. A fearful cat may turn defensive and shield herself if she senses any danger in the surroundings. Your feline pet may look contracted and small, crouch, hiss, raise hackles, flatten ears, tuck head, swat at you, and/or turn away from you. Even if you are not the reason for her aggression, you may be at the receiving end, since you are pretty close to her.
  3. Sometimes, she may assume offensive postures, making her look pretty big and intimidating. The most apparent signs are stiffened tail and legs, raised hackles, upright ears, growling, gazing at you and moving closer to you.
  4. In both cases, you must stay away from your kitty, as all hell may break loose if she gets her claws and teeth on you. It is pretty difficult to stop an overly aggressive cat from getting violent because the damages could be done within a matter of seconds.

Why do cats get enraged suddenly?


When your kitty feels cornered or assumes that some misery is bound to occur because of an external threat, she may lose control and scratch or bite the humans or other creatures in the vicinity.

Medical conditions

Some health issues like trauma, arthritis, infections, dental disease, visibility problems, neurological issues, etc., especially in older cats, may be the root cause of a kitty’s pain and aggression.

Territorial instincts

When your kitty feels someone is trespassing her marked boundaries, she may swing into action immediately to safeguard her territory.

Change of status

Your kitty may be on a biting drive or adopt other damaging behaviours like blocking you at doors or not allowing you to do your work, for example when new pets/people are introduced and the status quo changes.

Heavy patting

Kitty may love it when you gently stroke her initially, but she may get irritated as it goes on continuously.

Talk to your vet to know about the best course of action to help your violent kitty calm down. She may need some behavioural training sessions and physical activities to burn her out. With cat insurance, your fur baby will be covered for regular and emergency health care. Pet insurance in NZ supports your fluffy friend now and in the times to come in the event of injuries, accidents, illnesses and much more.