5 Tips For Learning Pre-Calculus Easily

Precalculus is the field of mathematics that contains the fundamental mathematical areas necessary for the study of calculus. The two main topics included in precalculus are algebra and trigonometry. Anyone planning to study calculus or other branches of mathematically intensive fields (for example, economics, physics, or engineering) needs a strong background in pre-calculus. The good news is that you don’t have to shell out hard earned cash to get a working knowledge of precalculus.

Borrow some books on precalculus 

Because precalculus is important in a wide range of disciplines, finding a calculus book at your local library won’t require searching through a stack of books; any library with a math section should have precalculus books. Don’t just borrow books labeled “pre-calculus,” as algebra and trigonometry books can teach you the same material contained in a pre-calculus book.

Take notes while reading 

If your intention is to learn for free, you will need to return the library books. This means that it is important that you write down any important concepts or techniques that you find in the books. You can go back to your notes anytime you need to review.

Read before going to bed every night 

The key to mastering a subject is to study often. If you study for two or three hours each night, you can master precalculus much faster than if you study without a schedule. Studying before bed also minimizes interference, allowing you to retain information more efficiently.

Precalculus courses 

Universities and community colleges are two common places where pre-calculus courses are offered you can also find precalculus online course for credit. These schools often allow auditing, that is, attending class for free, as long as you get the teacher’s permission. Even if you don’t have a text and therefore can’t do the homework the teacher gives you, you can still attend lectures and ask questions. Of course, taking notes in class is also advantageous.

Take practice tests to measure your skills 

Test yourself with the tests and quizzes provided in your precalculus books. You can also find precalculus practice tests online. If you find that you are consistently wrong on certain types of problems, double check your notes.

However, precalculus is more frustrating and confusing than any other subjects for many students, but it does not have to be that difficult. With a little study and preparation, you’ll find yourself getting through your home works and passing your examinations.