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Using the Photomath AI-powered math solver, you can find answers to almost all of your math problems quickly and easily. You can even customize your visual aids and word jobexpressnews problem solutions to fit your needs. You can even get a premium service for only $9.99 per greatofmining month.

Core math solver leans on human-designed rule system

Using artificial intelligence (AI), Photomath has helped over a billion users around the world solve math problems. The app is a proprietary technology that is powered by C++, the language of the web. This is a significant feat for a company that has been around for over two years. As the company scales up, it plans to invest in AI and continue to develop its product line. Its math-teaching app has been downloaded 270 million times, and has helped solve over a makeidealcareer billion problems each month. Photomath’s new flagship product, Photomath+, will be available for free until November 30. Photomath’s most recent round of funding raised $23 million, enough to double the company’s headcount and fund an ambitious plan to expand its offerings.

Photomath is also proud of the fact that it is the first company to use machine learning and deep learning techniques in a real time context, allowing users to solve problems without an internet connection. The app also ships with a “smart calculator” that enables users to solve math problems on the go. Its patented technology also allows users to customize the app to their exact needs.

Custom visual aids and word problem solutions

Using Photomath, students and teachers can solve math problems without having to go online. Photomath is an augmented reality smartphone application that explains and visualizes mathematical problems and allows users to learn how to solve them. Specifically, Photomath is alinaimagine designed to support algebra and pre-calculus, and can provide step-by-step explanations of problems.

Photomath’s core math solver uses a unique human-designed rule system and machine learning algorithms to recognize math problems. It can then generate step-by-step explanations, and can even solve problems generically. Photomath’s graphs are modeled by Photomath’s in-house team of math teachers, and Photomath’s step-by-step explanations are generated algorithmically.

Photomath’s Animated Tutorials with Voiceover feature utilizes an AI audio voiceover paired with video to help students and teachers better understand difficult concepts. Photomath’s core math solver can help students and teachers learn algebra, pre-calculus, geometry and basic arithmetic. It is suitable for students ages five and up, and is primarily targeted at high school algebra, but can also explain more advanced calculus.

Raises $23 million in series B funding

Using technology, Photomath provides step-by-step solutions to math problems. This application is backed by artificial intelligence and helps students in over 200 countries. With a “smart calculator” and a human-designed rule system, Photomath can read and understand handwritten or printed math problems. It’s an app that uses a smartphone camera to recognize and analyze getcareergoal equations, and provides animated calculation steps.

Photomath’s mission is to help every student succeed in math. They are based in San Mateo, California and put high-quality learning support in the hands of students. Photomath helps students feel like they’re being taught in real life, with animated tutorials and step-by-step solutions. They also include custom visual aids and math tips.


Photomath is available in 30 languages and is aimed at students studying at home. The app can be used to solve math problems and arithmetic, including algebra, trigonometry, and calculus. Photomath can also help students learn math on paper, using a calculator, and can recognize and recognize handwritten or printed math problems. careerpioneer