6 Professional Tips To Washing Your Clothes

Clothes need to be washed every day. Not only do they need to be clean and look new, but they also need to be free of dirt, sweat, and other stains. Here are six tips to help you get started:

1. Put your washing machine on the correct cycle for your clothes

The most important thing is that the cycle for your clothes must match the fabric type. There will always be a recommended cycle for each type of fabric. For example, Silk has to be washed at 40C (or hot wash). Cotton can have any temperature. Linen should never go in the same cycle as any other fiber. If you don’t know what your clothes are made from, find out by looking online or asking a friend who owns their laundry detergent. Some machines come with a chart that tells you what fabrics need to be washed at what temperatures. It may even tell you how often you should wash them!

2. Use quality detergents

You want to use detergents that work well on all types of clothing. They should not contain too much fragrance or colorants. Look for an eco-friendly brand or one with low levels of phosphates and chlorine. Detergents like Woolite have a very high pH level, so it’s best suited to delicate items such as silk shirts. You can also try non-detergent softeners. These have fewer chemicals than traditional detergents but still get rid of static and odor.

3. Wash your clothes in cold water

Wash clothes in cold water because this helps them last longer. It takes more energy to raise the temperature of the water compared to its original temperature, which means there is less heat lost during the process. This also means fewer wrinkles since the extra heat causes creases.

4. Make sure the right amount of detergent gets into each load

When adding detergent to your washing machine, make sure the instructions say how many ounces per cup. Most people add 4 cups worthwhile using a full tub. When you put more than four cups in the washer, some detergents sit on top of the clothes, making them feel heavy. Using 4 cups seems to give good results and reduces waste too. If you forget to add the proper amount of detergent, the washing machine won’t lather properly, and your clothes could smell funny. So remember to check the amount before starting the cycle and follow precisely the instructions about when and how much to put in, so you don’t end up wasting money and detergent.

5. Dry your clothes in the sun for best results

Sunlight dries your clothes better than running them through the dryer. You can hang your clothes outside or in the garage if it’s sunny. Or you can set up a clothesline between two trees facing south. Once again, be careful to avoid mold forming, particularly around damp spots. Often, we do not realize that our clothes were wet until after they finished drying.

6. Use Industrial and commercial laundry machines

For those of us who live in small spaces, industrial and commercial laundry machines allow us to maximize the volume of laundry we can fit into the available space. Because these machines are larger, they require more frequent maintenance and cleaning than home units. But this saves time and money because you only have to buy one machine instead of several smaller ones. In addition, professional laundering services offer special discounts and promotions that regular consumers often miss. We recommend checking with local businesses and service providers to see what programs they offer, as this may save you tons of money over time. Richard Jay is your leading source of commercial laundry machines industrial laundry equipment offering solutions for business owners, manufacturers, schools, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and more

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