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Currently, the Core math solver leans on a human-designed rule system and a domain-specific language. But the Premium service offers custom visual aids and word problem solutions.

Core math solver leans on a human-designed rule system and a domain-specific language

Generally speaking, a domain-specific language is a programming language that’s specialized for a specific problem domain. This is similar to the difference between a scripting language and a general-purpose language. However, the boundaries between these concepts are blurred. A DSL may be customized to a specific problem representation technique, or to a specific solution technique.

Some domain-specific languages have exposed APIs, which allow you to use them as programming libraries. Others extend to include full-featured programming tools. These are often called mini-languages, and they can be used together with a general-purpose language to perform complex programming tasks. Some domain-specific languages even have their own domain-specific syntax for data manipulation, such as data types or file system interaction.

Some domain-specific languages also have their own built-in visualization capabilities. These include GraphViz and MATLAB. They can also automatically save and analyze data. These can be useful for thousands of different tasks.

Domain-specific languages are beginning to play a larger role in the development of critical software systems. They have also been studied to improve software engineering productivity. They may even provide a robust set of tools to make efficient software engineering a reality. This is a promising area of research that could ultimately make software development more efficient. As the world moves toward more advanced software technologies, we may see domain-specific languages make a bigger impact on the industry.

Custom visual aids

Designed to make math easier to understand, Photomath is an app that uses a series of animated tutorials to teach math concepts. The tutorials are paired with a voiceover feature to help auditory learners better grasp math concepts. Photomath also has a more advanced version of the same app, called Photomath Plus, which offers more features like custom visual aids, math definitions, and word problem solutions. These features are not available in the free version of the app.

Photomath is also an essential tool for those who learn remotely. It removes complexity and simplifies the process of learning, so users remain focused on the task at hand. It also helps reduce embarrassment for students who may be reticent about asking questions in class. Photomath is also a good fit for educators, who can use it as a supplement to in-class teacher instruction.


Funding round

Founded by Damir Sabol, Photomath is a math learning app that has helped millions of students around the world with math problems. It is a digital tutoring app that uses AI to solve problems step-by-step. Photomath is also used by millions of teachers. Its mission is to help every student succeed in math.

Photomath’s proprietary AI model solves equations step-by-step. It can also recognize written math problems and provide step-by-step explanations to solve them. In addition to the app’s free version, there is a premium version called Photomath Plus. It includes more features like teacher-approved problem explanations and dynamic illustrations. It also includes more math definitions and word problem solutions.

Photomath’s app currently has over 220 million downloads worldwide. It has solved 2.2 billion problems per month. It has attracted funding from Menlo Ventures, Goodwater Capital, and Cherubic Ventures. The new investment money will be used to expand the company’s headcount and boost product development. It will also be used to invest in artificial intelligence (AI) technology.


Photomath is currently the world’s most popular math learning app. The app explains how to solve math problems through step-by-step instructions and animated tutorials. In addition to the free version, the company has developed a premium version called Photomath Plus, which includes animated tutorials, math tips, teacher-approved problem explanations, and dynamic illustrations.