Advantages of Using an Inflatable Kayak Australia

There are many ways to enjoy water activities apart from swimming. One of these ways is using a kayak to cruise in a lake or sea. These boats have come a long way with advancing technology. Today, you will find the products in various forms and designs, including conventional and inflatable kayaks Australia. The latter is widely preferred for the portability convenience offered.

An inflatable kayak Australia is a form of watercraft that fills up on air for stability and deflates to ease portability and storage. Many of these watercraft consists of three chambers one for the floor and two for the sides. You can also find them in different designs depending on your preference and experience. To fill up the boat, you can use a hand, foot, or electric pump.

In this article, we will discuss more on these products. Therefore, read to its entirety to find out more.


When going to the beach for leisure, it’s so much easier to reduce the weight of your gear. The best way to achieve this is by carrying an inflatable kayak Australia. Generally, these are quite lightweight compared to their hard-shell counterparts. Although they don’t all have the same weight because they come in different materials and sizes. It is easier for one person to carry from one point to the other.

Portability and storage convenience

All inflatable objects can be deflated. The same applies to inflatable kayaks Australia. Once you are done using it, you can let out the air in the chambers for it to deflate to a more compact size. When in a compact size, you can easily carry it to the vehicle and store it in a small space.


Lighter objects float on water. Therefore, seeing that an inflatable kayak in Australia is extremely lightweight, it easily floats on water. This is the best-selling feature of the products on the market. Even when it has a puncture or prick, it will remain unsinkable, thanks to the multiple chambers of the watercraft.


They present a broader and flatter base compared to their counterparts. That said, they provide excellent stability on the water when all the chambers are fully inflated. Some inflatable boats include a pump with an integrated psi gauge. The psi gauge ensures the chambers get equal and full amounts of air.


You can use them on different water bodies. Since all of these products bounce on obstacles (rocks) and are practically puncture-resistant, transitioning from flatwater to rocky rivers is made easier. You can use it for all your water pursuits, such as rowing in the sea, touring, and fishing.

What are the different types of inflatable kayaks Australia?

There are various types of boats available in the market. This is mainly to enable different usage. You can also have your inflatable kayak Australia customized to your liking. Below are common types you may want to know about.


A solo craft is just as the name suggests, a one-person-only boat. The type of paddling will determine the size.


This type of boat is meant to hold two people. A Tandem boat provides more interior space for two paddlers to enjoy the experience and can be converted to a one-person boat for larger paddlers.


This type is meant for paddling in friendly environments. It is easy to paddle, especially if you are a beginner.


A fishing craft resembles the conventional boat with extra features for various anglers. It features durable construction to endure sharp hooks.


A whitewater craft is shorter with a reduced weight capacity compared to its counterparts. The best whitewater craft has a self-bailing feature.


If you enjoy watercraft, an inflatable kayak Australia is an ideal solution. Apart from being highly portable and easy to store, inflatable kayaks Australia cost a lot less than their hard-shell equivalents. You experience more fun with this type of boat than any on the market.