An overview about performance support system

Performance system is an indicator of the process where the staff has the right access to the right information enabling them to accomplish their tasks properly. It evolves on the Pareto principle and is known as the 80.20 principle. What it means is that 80 % of the outcomes arise from 20 % of the causes. When it is applied to learning this means you pick up the basics before you are planning to start a new task. Then you immerse 80 % in the tasks if it is necessary.

When is the right time to use performance support in your organization? You have to provide answers to this question as the organization is well on its way to embrace this new form of learning. Once we are learning something new,  the knowledge along with skills tends to become enhanced. The moment we end up deepening our knowledge about a particular topic then you may become an expert in subject matter as well.

Benefits to an organization

Performance management has a series of benefits to an organization. Some of them may be applicable to your current organizational set up. let us get to the reasons why it is important for an organization

Outline human limitations

Human memory is not like a computer hard disk with unlimited capacity. This is in particular reference to our working memory, the portion of the brain that we use to accomplish our day to day tasks. Just think on the lines of what you remember after a couple of months of the study material you have learned today. As per scientists it is a bare minimum.

Most of the material learned would have faded in the brain before we are planning to apply it. Quality performance support, the use of the right tools, to retrieve information according to requirements is vital. A proper maintenance support ensures that the necessary information would be stored in the long term memory and not the working memory.

Learning just in time

Are you aware of certain occasions where people are receptive to learning? Performance support would allow the staff to learn at those moments where there is a motivation to learn at the highest.

Consider your own behaviour! There is an urge to learn highest when you are confronted with a dilemma.

Practical learning

Performance support is functional. You are going to pick up new skills the moment you put them into practice. The principle of practice makes perfect is going to work better when you are applying it to practical situations.

Knowledge up to date

With a right performance tool it ensures a clear picture of the competencies, current skill and knowledge with an organization is obtained. When you have this in place it becomes easy to structure the operational process as you will be able to put together the project teams or be able to locate the replacements who are sick.

Tips and tricks

It would be important to stimulate and enhance the learning process in your organization. The following measures are recommended

  • The tool needs to be in the hand of the staff as at the right moment they would be able to learn
  • Opting for learning bites if the need arises. There may arise a situation where you overburden your staff with too much information that is written and visual. A learning bite is concise and straight to the point. This makes sure that the staff retains the information for a longer period of time.
  • With blended learning you are bound to apply learning objectives to every moment. This makes it clear to understand why staff require additional knowledge or to be acquiring a new skill.

So let the process get started. As part of modern day society it is better we end up shifting towards a process of lifelong learning. Performance support turns out to be a perfect way of making things tangible. A combination of learning with working makes sure that the staff would have the much needed support at the critical moments. The best part about performance support is it incorporates learning experiences to those moments, when you are receptive to learning new forms of information.