Antioxidants protect the skin

Many people know that sunlight is the main cause of many skin problems, even if you do not have a lot of daily activities in the sun. Try to choose a sunscreen with a high SPF, PA +++ to protect the skin every day. but also found skin problems such as dark spots, sunburn, and also began to notice premature aging faster than their peers because in fact, the SPF and PA/PPD of sunscreen products tell about the longevity of protecting the skin from UV rays only. Scientific studies have shown that no UV filter protects the skin from UV rays 100%.

may stimulate free radicals. Quietly hurts the skin continuously and is the cause of skin problems in the long run.

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Free radicals, the culprit, constantly destroy the skin Free radicals are reactions that occur normally in the body. It is also stimulated by external factors such as exposure to UV rays from sunlight, pollution, high-fat diet, etc. Free radicals form a chain reaction. continually affecting Cells in the body. Normally, the body has a mechanism to eliminate free radicals by itself. antioxidants in the body such as glutathione, lipoic acid, etc., will capture and inhibit the chain reaction. Thus helping to protect cells from being damaged continuously, however, if the body has an excess amount of free radicals. or in a state that eliminates free radicals It can cause cell damage. And can bring various problems. For the skin level, there will be problems with melasma, freckles, dark spots and endless wrinkles.

Choose a sunscreen that contains antioxidants. for more effective skin protection because I know that just protecting the skin from the outside is not enough. Researchers and dermatologists are trying to study. How to protect the skin to be more effective and found that the combination of anti-oxidants included with UV filters Will help increase protection at the level of skin cells. The anti-oxidants will capture free radicals. Thus effectively reducing the severity of the skin cells being hurt. Current introduction of sunscreen products Therefore, it is recommended to choose the type that contains high-performance antioxidants. Because it will increase the protection to be more effective. An innovative oxidant filter developed from antioxidants. 2 types of natural efficiency (Licochalcone A and Glycerinate), which are extracts from the plant Licorice (licorice) by this plant. It is a plant that is found in high mountains and is exposed to ultra-strong UV rays.

Scientists have found that lichorich trees can survive in UV-resistant climates. can high intensity This is because this plant has a naturally developed self-defense process. When plant cells are stimulated by UV rays, they will release anti-oxidants which are licochalcone A and glycinate, these two substances have been proven to reduce skin cell damage from free radicals. Thus helping to protect the skin from UV rays more effectively.