Beginner Friendly Glueless Lace Frontal Install

Glueless lace front wigs are a recent and stylish development in the world of models and celebrities. Many individuals ponder the reason. But there is a straightforward, practical, and natural solution. True joy is lace wigs without adhesive. It provides the appearance of natural hair without applying any adhesive to the scalp. It also provides all the advantages of a lace cap.

However, women who are new to the world of hair extensions often search through our collection for the best full and partial lace wigs without adhesive. So we made the decision to talk!

We will outline all of the benefits of glueless wigs in this article. Check out these simple instructions for novices on how to put up a wig!!


  • Keep your natural hair safe
  • You may take daily care of your natural hair and scalp since you have the flexibility to do so.
  • Safe for those with wig glue and some wig tape allergies.
  • Multiple combs and straps within the wig cap make it simple to attach.
  • There is baby hair all over the place. This gadget looks as natural as it possibly can.

What you’ll need:

All you need is 2B Glue Blasting Frizz Spray, which can be found at Amazon, Ultra, Target, or your neighborhood beauty supply store. Another choice: Fit It Grip Gel is a very comparable product that will produce outcomes that are comparable to those.

Step 1

You should first wash your forehead and hair with 89% alcohol. Wash your hands well to get rid of any oil, makeup, or other items. Your glueless wigs won’t adhere to your skin if you omit this step. It would be best if you cleaned your forehead with a cotton ball. But you can make do with what you have.

Step 2

Afterwards, put the wig on your head. Don’t forget to position it where you want it to stand. Next, lightly mist the area of your skin where the lace is located. Spray just a bit. The adhesive Got2be will become white if you use too much of it. Always keep in mind that little is more.

Step 3

If you used the warm setting when spraying, dry on the cold setting for 5 seconds after that. Your lace wig won’t hold up. Use a long tail comb to untangle the wig after blow drying. Don’t touch the wig with your fingers, please. When sprayed, they will adhere to your laces and become sticky. It will turn white if you contact it with your finger. After holding the comb there for an additional 10 seconds, blow dry the area once again. These methods will help you secure and firmly attach your glueless wigs.

Steps 2 and 3 should be performed on the sides (near the ears), followed by the forehead. Do the other side next. Use only a little of the spray, please. Gum will become white if too much is inserted.