The subwoofer is nothing more than a large woofer that needs to be calibrated in order to listen to the lowest musical frequencies. The 10 Inch subwoofer can be used for example for a home theater system  or a hi-fi system , but not only that, even for cars it is very useful to improve, not just a little, the musical quality that can be heard inside the passenger compartment. Having the right car stereo available, it will be possible to have an output for normal speakers such as tweeter, woofer and an output instead to be dedicated only to the subwoofer, then through the appropriate amplifiers, it will be possible to adjust the sound to the best through these and the car radio settings, in according to the style of music being listened to and the desired effect. We can find different subwoofers to use in your car, which is why, to help you find only the best products, we have written this guide which I hope will help you choose the best car subwoofers.

To  choose the best 10 inch subwoofer it is important to know that a woofer must be connected to a suitable amplifier. You can decide whether to purchase a suitable subwoofer amplifier or whether to purchase a multi-way amplifier capable of operating both tweeter, woofer, and subwoofer at the correct frequencies. To get the maximum power from a subwoofer, a special mono amplifier is recommended, so that it only takes care of the lowest output frequencies. We therefore understood that in order to operate a car subwoofer you need an amplifier, this can be complete with the woofer and the box that contains the woofer or you can choose to buy everything separately, so subwoofer and amplifier separately,jigsaw , drill , circular saw, etc.

Let’s see what are the differences between a subwoofer sold ready to use, pre-assembled and one instead to be assembled, so you can  choose the best car subwoofers:

Subwoofer complete with cabinet and amplifier: 

In this case we are dealing with a complete system that is practically ready for use. In this case, all you have to do is connect the RCA cables coming from the car radio directly to the amplifier where the sub was mounted, then turn on the radio with a song where there are very deep basses and calibrate it according to your tastes. . Often these subwoofers can be found from many powers, suitable for both low and medium power systems, being a complete subwoofer, often it does not even cost a lot and you can find models suitable for practically all types of systems, from the softer ones to those medium / low power

Subwoofer without speaker and amplifier:

The subwoofer as already mentioned is a large woofer that must be calibrated at very low frequencies in order to hear the deeper bass more. The subwoofer alone, however, would not perform for what it is built for, but needs a speaker that you can build yourself or buy and a dedicated amplifier, capable of delivering the full power of the sub. Therefore, in addition to the expense of the large woofer, it will be necessary to purchase a special speaker and amplifier capable of guaranteeing the perfect “draft” of the sub once it is put into operation. In this case, the purchase cost is much higher than buying a pre-assembled subwoofer, but the final result, if you find the right match and study the speaker well, will be much higher than what you could have with a purchased subwoofer already assembled.

To  choose the best car subwoofers the cash register is also very important as we have already said. This can have different shapes based on the number of woofers that are mounted, the power and the amount of air they need to function. We can have crates in the shape of a cube for example or cylindrical in shape, also called a “cannon” due to its characteristic shape. A subwoofer with a cylindrical case can often offer a lower quality bass sound than a subwoofer built with a cube shape, it must be said, however, that a lot also depends on the air that is needed to make the woofer work at low frequencies. , usually the cylindrical shape, does not allow to reach too high powers due to the dimensions that are reached, while a cube-shaped box or with a rectangular base, can better manage the amount of air needed, thus giving rise to much more powerful bass. However, many decide to choose a cylindrical subwoofer as it takes up less space on the trunk than a cube-shaped subwoofer, while for the measurements, each speaker must be adapted to the size of the subwoofer and the amount of air it needs on the net you can find the calculations to be done based on various factors.

The case for the subwoofer can then have holes or not, these are used to create a more or less noisy low output sound and to give the woofer a more precise tone or less. To be precise, a case with a hole from which to let the air out will give rise to a louder, less precise bass sound, while a case without an air outlet can give rise to a more precise sound, more clean at the outlet. There is no “it’s better with or without a hole”, everyone chooses according to their preferences and the music they listen to most in the car.

To  choose the best car subwoofers the amplifier is also very important. If this is already integrated with the woofer, then generally there will not be as many adjustments that will improve the sound quality, also usually these pre-installed amplifiers, do not reach high power, while with a separate amplifier, you can get the most out of it. of the subwoofer, which will be able to give the best of itself. The amplifier is recommended to buy it with the necessary power to allow the woofer to give its maximum, a lot depends on the brand and they are usually single-channel, created especially for the sub, so that only this big woofer can be controlled. Those who want to save on costs instead, so as not to have to buy an amplifier for the subwoofer and one for the speakers such as front woofers and tweeters, could opt for a multi-channel amplifier, so as to be able to manage the front, while the mono channel will be used to drive the subwoofer. Obviously the amplifier in this case must have the function to be used on a subwoofer with very low frequencies and in mono.

To be able to choose the best car subwoofers , you must also take into account these very important factors:

Quantity of positive reviews: 

An important factor to take into consideration in order to choose the best car subwoofers is the percentage of positive 4 and 5 star reviews that have been released for the product by users. The higher the percentage of positive reviews, the greater the satisfaction there was from the users.

Amount of Negative Reviews: 

Negative reviews are another important factor to consider in choosing the best car subwoofers . Negative reviews with 1 or 2 stars should be present in a percentage that is as low as possible. Read these reviews carefully as buyers often report the experiences you have even after months of using the product. Also try to understand if the negative review was released due to misuse by the user or because it is a poor product.

Look at the photos of the reviews: 

In addition to leaving a written review on the product, many reviewers also add photos that show the product with its strengths, but can also show its defects. If you want to choose the best car subwoofers , look at the photos that have been added in both the positive and negative reviews, they will help you get a clearer idea about the product you are interested in.

Watch the videos of the reviews: often the reviewers in addition to releasing their own written experience on the product and photos, also add a video from which it is possible to better understand how the product works or a malfunction is pointed out. Pay close attention to the videos released in the reviews as they can help you choose the best car subwoofers much easier.

The best brands: very often a good brand also corresponds to a good product. While this is not always the case, generally a good brand also has good reviews for its products. But even a product from an unknown brand could have excellent user reviews. As always, rely on the amount of positive reviews when choosing a product, but generally if you want to choose the best car subwoofers you have to go towards the best brands.