Best Cricket betting Tips, Tricks and Markets

Let’s see how cricket bets work starting from the basics. Obviously the first step is to choose one of the cricket betting bookmakers . There are many bookmakers but the choice is yours: you can decide to look for different betting sites to bet on cricket.

In any case, after choosing the bookie and registering, you can proceed to bet exactly as you do for any other sport.

Nothing more, nothing less: cricket betting works just like all other sports when it comes to online sports betting.

Types of cricket bets

First of all, cricket bets work, as already mentioned, in a very similar way to what happens for other sports, such as football or basketball. And this means that you can always place both a single bet, that is, with a single bet, or a multiple bet, with more bets, or even a system that therefore includes more complex bets.

Going into detail, however, you should know that there are many markets for cricket, but not all Cricket betting sites offer them all. Here is a list:

  • To win the Match (Match Winner)
  • Total Runs in the 1st over
  • Top Batsman in the match
  • Highest number of Run Outs in the match
  • Highest Opening Partnership
  • Team with the highest score in the match
  • Outright winner (in the case of tournaments or championships)

What are the most popular markets for cricket?

Cricket, as with all other sports, also has markets that are clearly preferred over others. In this particular case, we could say that there is only one market absolutely preferred by the players, that is the ‘Match Winner’, partly for simplicity. In this type of bet you only need to bet on one team or the other, without observing anything else.

However, bets on the winner of a competition are also very popular. This is because these are bets that can be placed at the beginning of a tournament for example, and then you can follow the whole event having fun and waiting for the final verdicts.

Whatever a player’s favorite market, cricket betting odds are always in line with other sports. Sometimes you may find some Odds much higher than normal.

Live betting and live streaming for cricket

Of course, you can also bet on live matches of Cricket. As for all other sports, bookmakers also offer live games and relative odds for cricket, which can be much higher than normal depending on the difficulty of the game and the time of the match in which it is played.

Many betting sites offers the possibility to see various Cricket events in live streaming. To understand which event you can see in live streaming, look at the schedule and pay attention to the events that have the “play” symbol next to them: those matches can be seen in live streaming.

The best cricket events to bet on

The most popular Cricket tournaments to bet on are:

ICC World Cup

Let’s start with the most important event of all, namely the ICC Cricket World Cup, in which teams from each participating country compete.

T20 World Cup

The ICC World Twenty20 is a parallel tournament, similar to the World Cup but with slightly different rules, which takes place every two years.


The Indian Premier League is India’s top league when it comes to cricket. For Indians cricket is the national sport, and this suggests how important this competition.


The Ashes is a tournament in which teams from two particular nations, England and Australia compete against each other and is one of the oldest tournaments in the world.

The most famous and well-known events are these, however they are not the only ones to be recognized by the world of sport. You could also find other competitions in the schedules of the various bookmakers: in principle the odds are always the same, being dictated by the market and not only by the importance or fame of the tournament.

Tips and tricks for betting on cricket

We have seen everything related to cricket betting, and in this paragraph we are ready to give you some Cricket betting tips to improve your bets and leave nothing to chance.

Firstly, cricket is a sport that must be followed at least a little before betting on the corresponding matches. For this reason, we recommend that you start by choosing a certain league, tournament or other, and get 100% informed about it. Which are the strongest teams or the most talented players? Which teams have won that competition in previous years?

So begin to get well informed about all the aspects that could be useful for choosing one or the other bet. After doing this, always stay up to date on the progress of the tournament: observe injuries, suspensions, history of matches and results and so on. It is essential not to forget any detail: cricket is still a team game like many others, and therefore the results do not come from luck or chance, but from the talent of the individuals combined in the collective.

For the rest, following these tips, you will be able to play without too many problems and quickly get into cricket bets. You could also consider choosing to play in live bets, to win a little more thanks to potentially higher odds.